The Unconstitutional Usurpations of Government Bureaucracies

According to CNSnews U.S. Labor Secretary Hilda Solis signed “partnership” agreements with ambassadors from a group of Latin American nations aiming to protect what she described as the labor rights of both legal and illegal migrants working in the United States.

During the signing ceremony hosted at Labor Department headquarters in Washington D.C., Solis said the agreements are aimed at educating migrant workers, regardless of how they got here, about their rights under U.S. law and to help prevent them from being abused in the workplace, either through wages, loss of job, or deportation.

When asked by, she made clear the agreements aim at protecting both documented and undocmented workers inside the United States.

Here’s the problem.  Once again, an agency is setting policy without going through Congress which is the legislative branch of government.  The Department of Labor is basically side-stepping the Constitution to enact Labor Laws by subverting the Constitutional authority that grants such privileges only to Congress.

The Department of Labor isn’t alone.  The Department of Education, the EPA and just about every bureaucracy in Washington passes laws, mandates and regulations, all sidestepping Congress, the only branch of the government with legislative authority. Presidents in both parties have been abusing this power since Theodore Rossevelt and its a convenient way for Constitutional abuses since none of these appointed officers in these agencies are sworn to uphold the U.S. Constitution or to respect the Constitutions of each of the States.

Another aspect of this is that in granting rights to illegals, we are demonstrating a disrespect for the laws of another territory or country.  Liberals used to call this sort of thing Empire Building.  An illegal not only violates the Laws of this country by entering here illegally, they have also fled their own country illegally.  By granting them the rights of a U.S. citizen without making them accountable to uphold the laws of immigration there is no accountability to a rule of law.  If the laws concerning immigration do not have to be upheld, why would any other laws matter?

Certainly from a humanitarian perspective, immigrants fleeing abuses in their homeland should have a clear path to legalized immigration but that is not what we are seeing.   An undocumented person in this country may be a criminal fleeing the persecution of the law in their own land for things like theft, drug-trafficking, rape and murder.  By refusing to prosecute illegals we are also subverting justice for these individuals where some have simply repeated a criminal lifestyle in this country.

With the Department of Welfare extending benefits to illegals, the Department of Health mandating healthcare to illegals and the Department of Education insisting on the educational rights of illegals compounded by the Department of Justices refusal to deport illegals, even when they have committed other crimes besides violating our borders, is it any wonder why so many are wondering what happened to the Constitution in the United States.

Congress may think that they are absolved from any blame with this situation but they are the ones who should be demanding that this authority be returned to them.  By not insisting this authority returns to its Constitutional Limits, they might be able to blame the President and his administration but Congress has a responsibility to abide by their oath of office to uphold the Constitution and they can exert that influence by denying funding to these unconstitutional actions of government agencies and bureaucracies. In funding them, they are allocating spending for an agency that is blatantly disregarding the laws of this country as well as adding unnecessary financial burdens on individual  states and municipalities.

So who pays for all of this? The middle class bears most of the burden.  Corporations and businesses will pass on the cost of these mandates and regulations through the price of their goods and services.  That’s not greed, that’s good business sense.  They aren’t in business to go bankrupt or operate at a loss.  Profits help keep a corporation updated to run a more efficient business as well as to provide more jobs.  In order to stay in business they must allocate the costs associated with compliance to these mandates, rules and regulations to their product.  In the end, the consumer will pay for any cost associated and the majority of that cost is absorbed by the middle class.  The rules, regulations and mandates result in higher prices for goods and services while at the same time creating a greater need for municipalities to increase taxes.

On the other end of the scale is the problem of constantly expanding the entitlements.  Those receiving the entitlements are not paying for the services they receive, again the middle class is largely footing this bill. The governments solution of just printing more money results in a deflated value for the dollar basically meaning your dollar will buy less while you are faced with rising costs for essential needs like food, clothing and your own healthcare.

All of this to fund a people who refuse to abide by the rule of law in the country and enter here illegally.  While some might consider this humanitarian, is it also humanitarian to take from the labor of one to provide for another who has broken the rule of law without any consequences for their actions?  Is it humanitarian to demand that one family sacrifices to provide for another who has violated the laws for entering this country legally?

Families of 4 earning under $50,000 are now eligible for Food Stamps. This is basically the government admitting that their policies have failed the working middle class and created an economy that is destroying the middle classes ability to provide for their family.  We are already seeing the median income of American’s dropping while the poverty level is increasing.  That is exactly why we keep hearing the word unsustainable in regards to the economy.

So who benefits?  Certainly some might say the poor and illegals are benefiting that isn’t the reality.  The rules, regulations and mandates incur costs that smaller business can not absorb as readily as major corporations.  The smaller business must raise prices sooner and this places them in a precarious position of pricing themselves out of business effectively removing their ability to provide competition against major outlets.  This effectively hinders free market principles and allows corporations like GE and major players like Warren Buffet to profit at the expense of the investments of smaller companies which are still providing the majority of jobs in this country.  While Imhelt and Buffett are claiming that the government should raise their taxes, while at the same time both are avoiding paying taxes, there is more to the story.  They do not want higher taxes because they are benevolent.  They want higher taxes to put their competition from smaller companies out of business  This administration calls for higher taxes on those corporate jet flying moguls.  This class warfare rhetoric sounds good to a struggling family.  But this taxation involves raising taxes on businesses earning more than $250,000 effectively punishing them and thereby working towards removing any competition in the market for the major players.  That taxation will not hurt the major jet flying moguls but it will shut down smaller businesses.  That is corporate greed and it is using the government to manipulate the market rather than allowing for the market to be driven by free market principles.  Major corporations can move their operations to other countries where they incur lower wages and less regulations while the smaller company can not.  Major companies can absorb the abuses of Union Pressure to higher wages and generous benefit packages where smaller companies often can not.  All of this being controlled by Government Agencies and Bureaucracies through rules, regulations and mandates where the abusers are rewarded by removing the base of competition.

The poor and illegals also suffer through this by being able to purchase less with the money they are given.  This keeps them poor and unable to break free of the entitlement state.  Fro most surviving through entitlements, they can not afford to get out of the system.  First, there aren’t enough jobs being made available that will pay enough to break from this mold while also having to pay for child care and the rising costs of food, energy and clothing.  All the war on poverty did was make it more expensive to be poor.  When the war on poverty began the median poverty level for a family of 4 was $3000, now its $23,000.  That $23,000 doesn’t buy anymore than the $3,000 did, in fact, today it buys less due to higher prices for food, clothing, housing, and energy. While the cost of being poor has greatly increased the percentage in poverty has changed relatively little and in recent years, that percentage in increasing.

Until this usurpation of powers is put to an end things will not get any better for the average American and more people will find themselves needing government assistance to survive.  Instead of solving problems we create new problems that are more expensive to resolve.


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