Telling The Truth-A Revolutionary Act

“In times of universal deceit, telling the truth will be a revolutionary act.” – George Orwell

Perhaps the most famous quote on truth occurs in the Bible as Pontius Pilate is looking into the face of Christ and asks the philosophical question “What is Truth?”

The thing that forms truth for each of us has a lot to do with perception.  Perception becomes truth for many people, but is truth really a relative concept?  Perceptions can be formed without all the information to make an informed decision and then opinion becomes truth regardless of the facts that might actual stand in opposition of that opinion.

For Progressives, perceptions based on emotional response is essential to maintain their “truth.”  Take, for instance, Van Jones’ recent diatribe on the Tea Party and his feel for the need to burst the Tea Party Bubble.  In his diatribe he goes off on the the Tea Party and then defines his perception.  “We are the only Government in the world that’s supposed to have a puny old government that can’t help anybody. They call it small Government…I Call it puny Government.  They want us to have a puny little government and then throw us overboard with no help from anybody and they call themselves Patriots.  They take a wrecking Ball and paint it Red, White and Blue and smash down every institution that made America great.  They smash down the Unions.  The smash down the safety net. They smash down public school, They smash down the sense that we’re all one country but they’re the Patriots and were not.  Who’s fighting for liberty and justice for all in this country….it ain’t them, it’s people like us.”

I have no doubt that Van Jones believes this rot as Truth but it is an opinion with very little basis in Truth.  It is a statement to generate an emotional response devoid of logic or evidence.  It is built around the concept that the center of America, her heart and her soul, is the Government and not the people.

If you begin with that as your truth, your are doomed to failure.  IT is the violation of every principle that this Great Nation was built upon.

Justice is not the same thing as equality.  Justice never means that every person receives the same proportion of material goods regardless of their skills, abilities and endeavors.  Justice requires that poor choices are not rewarded nor does it stand for worthy choices being punished.  Taking from the labors of one to provide for another might make everyone equal in material goods but it is not justice.  Those who have squandered their resources through poor choices and bad judgement should not be rewarded for their actions anymore than those who made wise choices and solid judgement should be punished.  That is not justice for either person.  Justice involves consequences.  A criminal should not escape punishment for his crimes because others who didn’t commit that crime aren’t punished, nor should a person who hasn’t committed the crime be expected to share in a portion of the jail time to make things more equal for everyone.  True justice also requires the right to fail.  You make bad choices, you fail.  That is justice.

The Declaration of Independence provides the framework of equality as the founders saw it.  We are all created equal.  Regardless of our skin color, race, ethnic background, each of us are created with life, liberty and instilled with the desire to pursue happiness.  Society and government places obstacles in our way in our pursuit of these.  We do not all live the same number of minutes. Life is not equal but it is a right denied by many of the same progressives who insist on abortion as a right of choice that imposes upon the right to life of the unborn.  Liberty is our right but government policy imposes on our Liberty and we are no different if we impose our right to Liberty on another without respecting their right to Liberty.  Liberty should be equal for all but it is not, that does not remove the truth that we are born with this right.

The Pursuit of happiness.  We are all born with that desire, not all of us will obtain all that we desire though.  Not obtaining it never removes the right to pursue as long as that right does not involve theft.

The safety net that Van Jones says the Tea Party wishes to smash down is governmental theft.  It is the government taking from one person to provide for another.  Everywhere, except in government, this action is illegal.  The theft is not voluntary, it is mandatory.  There is no Christian Charity in this action.  If Christian leaders went into the home of their parishioners and demanded money to provide for the poor or threatened some sort of Church Prison for evading paying those fees, the pews would soon be empty.  The overturning of the tables in the temple demonstrates that Jesus was incensed when the church extorted money from the people.  They sold sacrifices at inflated prices that were necessary for Jewish ritual.  They also manipulated currency by making you exchange your dirty secular money for temple money at an inflated price so your money had even less purchasing power.  Then they took a portion of that money and dispersed it for projects to hold the people accountable to them.  They were moneychangers and they profited by changing money of the people, devaluing it and then inflating prices all for personal gain.  Sound familiar.

Yes, we are encouraged to give.  We are encouraged to help the poor.  We are even encouraging to sacrifice in our giving.  It is still voluntary, not mandatory.

There was a time when the people needed to organize against corporate corruption.  They formed unions to get a fair wage and reasonable working hours.  That is no longer what Unions are doing.  Today Unions make more than a fair wage because they make more on the average than the same employees in the private sector.  There is also the problem with a public sector Unions funded by taxation to provide, not just a wage but vacation and benefit/pension packages that always exceed the same vacations and benefit/pensions packages they are extorting from the rest of the non-union tax paying worker.

The Tea Party is not against education.  It is opposed to constantly raising taxes to dump more money into government run educational programs that time and again have been proven not to be working.  The Tea Party says get rid of the Department of Education and let the communities decide what education is best for their children.

The Tea Party believes that we are one nation and for that reason we should speak one language.  We welcome diversity to add to the flavor of the melting pot that is America but, as has been the tradition of all immigrants to this country until recently, the cultures merged and shared.  They did not isolate themselves as an entirely different entity.  They shared their foods, their culture and their life.  They did not demand special privileges, special language exemptions that places additional burdens on our schools and government.  They came here to become an American.  Not to raise their own flags above Old Glory, not to demand entitlement, but to be free…to be American.

The Van Jones’ of this world are not fighting for Liberty and Justice.  They are claiming to fight for equality but their equality requires taking from one by force of punishment to provide for another with no requirements.  You might level the material playing field but there is nothing equal because the one has worked for their security and the other has stayed home to watch Oprah.  One has made choices on the size of family they can afford and the other has no choices to make since they are rewarded for making more babies.  You deny real equality to one group, you deny Liberty and you deny justice to provide things for another group.  That is not what made America a great Country.

The Spirit of American Exceptionalism, where people gave to charity freely, where they helped without being forced to, where philanthropists stepped in and provided needs in their communities and we all came together to build our neighborhoods together, not to get a check but to do the work.  Where the entrepreneurial spirit in America was free to soar to discover new ways of doing things, not regulated by government to hold them back.  When farmers weren’t paid not to produce crops; when business weren’t rewarded for sending jobs to oversee markets; when government didn’t prop up failed business policies with bailout money to save something was that was too big to fail.  Sorry, but if they had to be bailed out they already failed and it was government policies from the Van Jones’ type think tanks that caused them to fail.

The fact can not be debated, right to work states are more financially secure that states that shield and promote unionism.  Major cities under liberal Progressive policies have turned from once prosperous places to slums for most of the residents.

Progressives are wonderful with distorting truth with emotional responses and making it appear that no matter how bad their policies are, they will benefit the poor.  We’ve been hearing that for a very long time.  I seem to recall a biblical story of Jesus being challenged because a young woman poured an expensive perfume over his feet and the one challenging him stated that the perfume could have been sold to feed the poor.  Instead of embracing this forced socialism the challenger cried out for, Jesus rebuked his challenger.  It was the woman’s.  She had labored to purchase that perfume and was free to do with it as she chose, not as another dictated.

Perception often taints truth for us.  We must always work to dispel perception to embrace truth.  That requires that we deal in facts and realities not emotional distortions.  It doesn’t matter how we feel, what really matters is what truth is.

Rick Perry called Social Security a Ponzi scheme because it is a Ponzi scheme.  Let’s not stop there.  Government Welfare, corporate or private, is theft.  War waged for personal interest or empire building is genocide.  Abortion is murder.  In each case it is denying something to one individual or group of individuals-something to belongs to them-and then providing only a portion of what was taken to another individual or group of individuals. In each case it is a government trying to play God and manipulate the outcome by changing how the rules of the games of Life is played.  Each time they change the rules our rights and liberties are sacrificed.

Van Jones has a right to his opinion.  He has a right to express that opinion and we have a right to demonstrate where he is wrong.  They have played on our emotions and many people went along because we thought we would feel better.  That is, after all, what they promised.  After a 50 year war on poverty ask the poor how the government did with that one.  Do they feel better? Do you feel better?  Is the Country healthier?  Poll after poll answers that one for us, overwhelmingly people do not feel better.  Overwhelmingly people believe we are going in the wrong direction yet they keep going in that direction in spite of all the promises and the feel good hopey changey rhetoric.  Two and half years of having that hopey changey rhetoric forced down the throats of Americans and our debt has increased by about 5 trillion dollars.  Union pensions are 2/3 unfunded.  Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid is going belly-up at a faster rate than expected.  The cost for necessities goes up every day.  Food, Clothing, energy…we are paying far more than we were three years ago.

We are at war but refuse to call it war.  We are in a recession but refuse to call it a recession.  We are broke but because the Federal Reserve can just print more money regardless of the consequences, we refuse to admit we are broke.  That is the difference between perception and truth and it is time for those who represent us to start speaking the truth.  It might not make us feel good at the moment, but it is now necessary to save what is left of this country and restore her to the glory of her destiny.  You see, like us, she was born with the same unalieanble rights and her rights are being stripped away as well.


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