The Perfect Storm

(Note: The following blog is an opinion based on speculation and is not a set course.  It is only intended to suggest a possible scenario of what might come if we are not prepared.  I do believe the groundwork for something like this has already been laid out and I do believe that the words of many advising this administration reinforce this as a possibility.  You don’t have to agree with the supposition, I’m not sure that I agree with it all myself,  I am simply stating a possibility based on observations that are occurring all around us.  There are other observations out there.  The real purpose of this is to draw your attention to things that are happening and how this impacts our daily lives.  If it concerns you enough to try and stop what is happening than it has served its purpose.)
     If trends continue it looks as though there will be a Republican Majority in the House and Senate as well as a Republican President in the White House.  Many Republicans are rejoicing at the news even though the election is still a little more than a year away.  In fighting in the Republican Party is only going to get worse and a lot can happen between now and then.  I long to be optimistic but my realistic nature argues with me.  Lately that realistic nature is winning that argument.
     I’ve always been a little conspiratorial and maybe I’ve gone off the deep end but I am really concerned about the future of America.  When I started this blog I called it the edge of the precipice for a reason.  I believe that is exactly where this country is right now.  We have states and municipalities being held hostage by the Federal Government to comply with unconstitutional regulation out of fear of losing all federal monies.  All around us, we can see the evidence of an orchestrated movement to topple America as a Republic and it’s reliance on the Constitution as a Rule of Law.  We have a Congress who is afraid to stand up to abuses of the Constitution because it would mean the willful sacrifice of the investors to their high priced campaigns.  It is the disease of both parties.  The seeds of unrest have been planted everywhere and the sowers are waiting for the right moment to harvest their crop.
    This administration, and the people who put him in power, believe in never letting a crisis go to waste and they have lived this to the hilt.    In the name of saving the country they have pushed the economy to the brink of collapse.  I have also come to believe the collapse in inevitable. Far too much damage has been done.  I believe more and more that we are about to see a depression sweep this country that will far surpass the depression of the 1930’s.  One of the real differences between this depression and the depression of the 1930’s is that the sense of community that carried many through those difficult times is almost gone now.
     The propped up President has a network of financial manipulators and progressive think tanks who are willing to risk everything to make sure that the coming collapse will not happen until after the election.  Win or lose, this collapse seems to be inevitable. I would be willing to bet that, if it comes, it will happen in the early part of 2014.  That is the supposition of this blog and a speculation of a possibility of events to come.  I am not stating this will happen but I do believe there is more than enough evidence to support the speculation and at least consider the possiblity.
      If Obama loses this election and the Republicans gain control of the House and Senate, 2014 will be two years into their administration.  An economic collapse would be complicated by unrest in the streets that is already growing being pushed by Marxist’s who have waited patiently for this day to happen.
     The loss of Obama might also drive a deeper racial rift in the nation which will be translated into more violence in the streets.  Realizing that an economic collapse will mean an end to entitlements, the poor will turn to violence for survival.
     The youth of America who have been indoctrinated to believe that education comes free with no sacrifice on their part will also turn to revolution.  An economic collapse will end free college tuition which aren’t really free but paid for by other means.  That means would now be gone.
     The illegal situation is also going to get worse.  Entitlements to illegals in an economic collapse would have to end.  Many illegals spent life savings to get here, without government entitlements, they will not be able to afford to leave while at the same time, the government will no longer be able to sustain them.  La Raza in America will revolt.
     These three aspects are already happening.  The stage is set and it is being tested to make certain the foundation for a coming revolution is already in place and can be mobilized through community activists.  That is not speculation, that is fact and it while the media struggles to downplay this, it’s obvious to anyone who is already watching.  Flash mob theft and violence, all orchestrated through social networking; protests organized with printed signs that happen in a few days notice; the Days of Rage; Organized Union protests; it’s all already happening and there is a common recurring and connecting thread…the Socialist Party in America.
     In an economic collapse, the protection of the Unions under this administration will be gone.  As industry closes the promises of unfunded pensions collapses as well.  Union members who believe they are entitled, since they see these as rights that were negotiated and promised, will quickly discover that it is a promise that can not be delivered.  They are already organized for violence.
     Taking a page from Margaret Sanger, the beloved matriarch of the Progressive movement, this community activist model she suggested has been expanded.  Her embracing of Malthusian Eugenics early in her career has also been embraced by many of the current Czars in this administration.  The progressive Marxists have implanted themselves within the above communities through the placement of useful idiots.  They believe they are fighting for social justice.  In an economic collapse social justice is no longer a possibility.  In order to establish social justice the scales of justice must be tipped to give an unfair and unearned advantage to one group while denying that advantage to another.  In a collapse, social justice is unsustainable.
      In Sanger’s work to infiltrate the Black community established through The Negro Project, Sanger began to lay a plan of bringing black ministers into the cause of population control. During this time she said:
“The minister’s work is also important and he should be trained, perhaps by the Federation as to our ideals and the goal that we hope to reach. We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population, and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members”
     A revolution or insurrection is crucial to the final phase of the current Marxist regime working behind the scenes carefully planning their revenge to the so-called McCarthyism of the 1950’s.  While Joseph McCarthy’s tactics may have been wrong, his suspicions have proven to be incredibly accurate.  There were communists in this country and they were planning to overthrow the United States of America from within.  They weren’t just peaceful families sitting at home, smoking their pipes and reading the latest Communist publication and they weren’t just regular guys who only wanted to take their families out for an ice cream cone.  They had a plan. They infiltrated our Universities to make certain they taught those who would be our teachers.  They infiltrated our churches for the same purpose, through Seminaries which would produce our pastors.  They infiltrated our government to weigh down the cost of governance with social programs supposedly to help the poor.  They infiltrated our financial Institutions to control the economy.  They established regulatory agencies within government so they could by-pass the whole messy accountability to Congress regulations of the Constitution.  They infiltrated Congress so that they would not hold these agencies or the office of the President accountable.  They created the myth of the “Illuminati” to misdirect the anarchists to look for some hidden agenda so they would be distracted from seeing the totally obvious taking place right in front of them.  To paraphrase an old proverb, while looking for the trees, they missed the forest.
     This economic collapse could bring about a new shift in politics, the Democratic takeover of Congress in 2014 as a response to backlash against the Republicans might not be a Democratic takeover.  Those people will be Marxist.  They will push for the final collapse of the sense of a Republic and set fire to the United States Constitution.  I doubt the President and Vice President will finish their terms and the end of free election will come to America.  Do you think a backlash to support Democrats can’t happen?  It happened in 2006, then in 2010, just 4 years later, it happened to the Democrats.  It’s still happening.  An economic collapse changes the rules of the game.  people become desperate as they look for somebody or some group to save them.    This will especially be true in modern America where most have been indoctrinated to believe they no longer have the capability of providing for themselves.
      Fundamentalists, Zionists and the Tea Party would be identified as an enemy of the state. They would be rounded up. It is already firmly etched in many people’s minds that the economic collapse is solely the Republican’s fault.  With a major victory in 2012 which could be followed by the collapse, this could cement this notion as absolute truth.  Just to clarify, the Republican Party had also been infiltrated by useful idiots who did their bidding during the Bush years.   They contributed to the belief that the economic woes is their fault.
     Safety measures would be put in place “for the protection of the people.”  SOrt of a new expansion of the “Patriot Act.”  It happened before from a threat from without, why not from a threat from within?   Forced Sterilization, Forced abortions, and euthanasia of the elderly and physically handicapped; all implemented to insure there will be enough food and security for all.  In order to quell the insurrection, the civilian military forces could be implemented and the draft re-instituted.  Gun ownership would have to be removed to protect society.  People will default on mortgages and the government would have to take them over or people will be homeless.  Property rights would then disappear.
    The collapse of an American economy would bring about the collapse of the world’s economy.  There would also be handful who will profit from this, just as they are now profiting from the instability of the manipulated markets.  As the world’s economy topples the Sovereignty of all nations falls at risk and the world is finally ripe for the One World Government of a Socialist Dictatorship where population would be controlled, Industry regulated through forced employment where the Government feels it is necessary, Eugenics enforced in the name of compassion.  The needs of the collective always outweigh the needs of the few or the one.
     Long before these Progressives began to plan for collapse of the global economy, they had orchestrated a moral collapse.  That moral collapse has implemented the cause of social justice, which stands in complete opposition to actual justice.  Social becomes the defining word for justice and that means that under that belief, actual justice which is supposed to be blind to race, creed and economic station has the scales tipped so Lady Justice has lifted the blinds according to race, creed and economic station and has placed some weights on the scale to provide an unequal justice.  Through Social Justice they have enforced the indoctrination that you can live without any sense of personal accountability whatsoever.  Be irresponsible and keep cranking out babies, the government will pay for it.  Destroy your bodies with drugs, the government will take care of you.  Get laid off and the Government will provide for you for years of extended benefits, food stamps and other social services.  Why take a job that pays less if you can live off the government for free?   They will give you enough to make you comfortable, enough to keep you from wanting the break the cycle of poverty making you more dependent on the government.
     Those truly in need of help, the sick, disabled and the elderly who are no longer capable of providing for themself suddenly become a burden to society.  Grandma might just have to take a pill instead of further burdening society with medical treatments.  Hell, they elected a guy to the office of President who said that out loud, why wouldn’t people accept this in a crisis.  Something will have to be done?  What solutions will there be?  If you have to decide who will eat, won’t most people decide ME?
     You see a moral collapse, especially concerning the sanctity of life, was necessary to bring about the economic collapse.
     When an economy collapses, you will find a society in survival mode which will no longer be tolerant of irresponsible behavior.  We’ve seen this play out in history many times before.  People turn a blind eye to the deliberate purging of society from the so-called irresponsible elements of society which is straining necessary resources.  Many have already openly embraced the notion that the sexually irresponsible deserve to be sterilized and have their children taken from them.  In an economic crisis, that could quickly become the majority view.  But how did we get here?  Didn’t we get here by removing the stigma of immoral sexual behavior?  If it felt good, we were told, we should do it!
    Our schools are in shambles, burdened by the moral collapse of society.  Inner City schools are ripe with the tribal and animalistic tendencies of the gang mentality.  This did not happen by mistake, it was planned.  Malthusian Eugenics, which was embraced by Progressive 100 years ago, didn’t start 100 years ago.  It’s father lived 200 years ago in the pen of Thomas Robert Malthus, a British economist whose writings were later embraced by Darwin in his supposition of the animalistic notion which he applied to all humanity-“the survival of the fittest”.
     While Americans were fighting for Natural Law through Divine Providence as seen in the rights of man and the consent of the governed,  Mathus was sparking a new revolution in thought that the expressed cycles of famine and poverty which took the life of the poor could be manipulated to purge the economic strains that the poor places on society by allowing the poor to die.  That diseased ideology is spreading and why shouldn’t it since there is no God.  We came from animals so why shouldn’t we act like animals.  When push comes to shove and we must decide who will live and who will die, those who have the least means of providing for themselves will have the least chance for survival and this is survival of the fittest exemplified.  Haven’t you ever heard somebody say after a a murder as a result of a drive by shooting or a drug deal gone bad that this is just a way eliminate some of the scum on the street?  If the perpetrator is caught, haven’t you also heard that same expression if they are given the death penalty or executed.  Welcome to the world of Malthusian Eugenics.
     Progressives have patiently worked to move society to embrace a complete rejection of the higher authority of a Supreme Being.  They have worked tirelessly to indoctrinate us to believe that man is in control of his own destiny.  They have replaced the notion of a Creator God, with deliberate enforcement of the accidental implementation of evolution where Natural Law no longer is the moral instillation of God Given rights but rather debased into belief of survival of the fittest.
     All of this has created the Perfect Storm.  Society is closer to accepting to purging of the races as a moral obligation and as such so many already refuse to see abortion as murder, which it is, but rather see it as an act of compassion.  Why is it so difficult for us to accept a new phase especially at the hands of an economic crisis?
    If we believe that it is all right to murder a child because they might be born with something we interpret as a mental or physical defect based upon the principle of “quality of Life” why is it harder for us to accept that same principle for those suffering the same who were not aborted to be extinguished?  If an infant in the womb can be murdered because ti can not experience a quality of life as judged by society, how can you justify the existence of an older child with the same condition, or an adult for that matter?  Wouldn’t they also have the same lack of Quality of Life?  Isn’t that horrendous statement insulting in itself that somebody else can determine if your life has any quality worth allowing you to live?   What will it take to bring society to accept that as a valid reason?  If we actually think using the term Quality of Life is compassion that justifies murder where have we already arrived as a society and how close are we to taking the next step?
    This is the moment the Progressives have waited for.  There is only one way for this to be stopped and it has nothing to do with the next election.  Sure that can help but without a people who stand up against this enemy of all human life, the next election will just prolong the inevitable.  The people must realize and the people must rise to put an end to this.  We must expose the progressives for what they really are.  Just as Malthus inspired a Revolution of thought in Europe that was universally rejected in the United States, it is a return to Natural Law as the founder’s saw it for the strict form of Governance and the centerpiece of Constitutional interpretation so that we too, with a firm reliance on Divine Providence, might restore this Country to her former glory.
      Whether we accept it or not, the first amendment’s precept of the Government making no law for the establishment of a national religion has been violated.  The Government has firmly established Progressivism as the National Religion and it is taught in our schools, universities and implemented in our laws.  It is nothing short of heresy.
      If we are to get through the coming Revolution the truth must be known or servitude and slavery will follow.  If we do not stand, the blood of millions of unborn will be joined by the blood of others. If we do not now tremble as Jefferson trembled over the wrath of God; the blood of the unborn will join others to cry out for revenge as did Able’s blood.  The future of true humanity depends on all of us to stand now before it is to late and the precipice we are standing upon crumbles under our feet.

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