The Days of Rage coming to a City Near You

The Days of Rage coming to a City Near You

If you’ve turned on the news lately and you happen to be my age or older you might think your watching one of those retro channels running a program about the 60’s protest movement.  Oddly enough, the first serious protest against U.S. involvement in Vietnam took place in New York City. It was sponsored by the Progressive Labor Movement, the organization which formed the Progressive Labor Party in 1965.  A small, campus-based organization, Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) joined in the fight. SDS came out of the old, liberal trade union movement. It was originally called the Student League for Industrial Democracy, a youth offshoot of the League for Industrial Democracy. It mainly took college students to low income neighborhoods to work on community organizing projects.  Sound a little familiar or is the campaign of 2008 to far back for people to grasp anymore.  I know a lot of students aren’t really fans of “history”.   Oh yes, and just so we don’t forget and important part of that history, the Weather Underground movement originated from within the SDS.  Remember Bill Ayers…Weather Underground.

Behind the scenes in all of this was a group known as MOBE (the National Mobilization Committee). The MOBE was not a grassroots organization; it was a top down coalition that mainly called for demonstrations especially in Washington, D.C. MOBE rallies were characterized by speeches from liberal politicians and union leaders. That’s how John Kerry went from protests to Washington under the careful tutelage of Ted Kennedy.  Yachting with the Kennedy’s on the weekend, Kerry still had more than enough time to protest the war movement and organize a committee of veterans who opposed the war.  The problem was that most of them weren’t veterans and like Kerry, the ones that were exaggerated their roles in Vietnam.  Leadership of the MOBE consisted of the revisionist “Socialist Workers Party”, pacifists, and the revisionist “Communist Party”.  It seems Liberals, Progressives, Unions and Communists have always been rather cozy bedfellows.  It’s only recently however that they seem unashamed to flaunt it.  After the war, that cozy relationship allowed Kerry to go back to the now communist Vietnam, made possible by the wholesale slaughter in the killing fields these “so called” pacifists said would never happen.  The most important newspapers, including the New York Times gave millions of dollars of free publicity to the MOBE, announcing its marches weeks in advance to build and legitimize MOBE leadership of the movement. As a result, the MOBE was important as a focal point for the big demonstrations and newspaper publicity.

You might notice a consistency of patterns between that movement and the more recent Days of Rage protests.  That shouldn’t surprise us.  Liberals, Progressives, Unions and self-avowed Communists are thrilled.  They should be. Some of the important students in those 1960’s protest days became the Czars of tomorrow as the President of United States speechified his way into the Oval Office holding fast to the motto that “If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit”.  Others, it would seem, would be relegated to ghost-writing autobiographies for said President.  But make no mistake about this, they have their grubby little Marxist hands all over this protest.  Create a diversion for the media so people stop talking about what’s going in D.C. I mean really….It shouldn’t have been any surprise to any one of us that Obama spent all those years in Jeremiah Wright’s America Hating congregation. Hell, his closest friends had been “God Damning America” since the 1960’s. But the media told us all to move along, nothing to see there and people actually listened.

It seems that while most folks wax nostalgic over the good old days of simpler times these folks are waxing nostalgic as well.  “Remember those good old days of protesting in the street, the tear gas, getting arrested, Kent State. Wow, wasn’t that great….oh yeah dude pass me that bong again!”

The useful idiots of the Unions and Communist Party in America in the 1960’s became the Administration of 2008.  That’s quite an achievement.  Back then, most American’s saw them for what they were but these Marxists were patient and they planned well.  Colleges were more than happy to hire them on as professors so they could take their Marxist agenda into the classrooms and further corrupt the minds of students urging them on until the day arrived with a new generation ripe for a new revolution.  I hope they are proud. I’m not, the destruction of America as the last true vestige of freedom and the Light of Liberty for the world is about to be extinguished if they have their way and these protestors have theirs as well.  President Barry’s Fundamental Transformation of America is about to be complete, all it needed was a little rioting in the streets. Excuse me if I don’t say thank you.

They have rounded up a whole new group of useful idiots and right now their on Wall Street, not in Washington where the real problem lies, but on Wall Street.  They are screaming about the economy and yet they are also supporting Obama.  Sort of like the kids in the 60’s who wanted to stop the war in Vietnam but voted for LBJ who escalated it.  That why people like me call people like them useful IDIOTS.  They might be in school but they ain’t bein’ schooled.

Recently Pennsylvania began to take on things like Education Reform (To the Unionized Marxists you must translate that into breaking Teachers Unions ability to hold Children hostage in order to extort money from taxpayers…Hey, they told you it’s all about the children, they just didn’t tell you what they meant when they said it).  They also take on Right To Work Issues (Unionized Marxist Translation: breaking Public Sector Unions from the ability to hold governments hostage in order to extort more still money from taxpayers.  They say it’s all about the workers but that means they expect the private sector, through higher taxation pay for their salaries, benefits and pensions even though Public Sector workers make more than the ones they are raping…I”m sorry, extorting…well there isn’t a nice word for what they are doing and I’m not going to frustrate myself with being politically correct right now)).

The “Union busting” efforts, as they are called media (never calling them hostage crisis, extortion or the rape of the taxpayer), are bringing the Days of Rage to a Capital building near you.  That’s right on October 6, they’ll be coming to the State Capital to bring their unionized socialist message to the people.  Well, maybe not they but for sure Christian Brown will be there.  So far he’s the only one to sign up on their meetup page. You can check it out here: Link

Back in the 1960’s the media worked hard to portray the violence of the 1960’s protest movements in the most positive possible light while at the same time made sure the protests kept flowing by making certain that showing you the wounded on the nightly news was a regular segment; So was the daily body count.  The protestors shouted “Stop killing our boys!”  They must have really cared for the soldiers.  That must be why they showed up at the airports when these soldiers came home and spit on them and called them names like “Baby Killers!”.  For those people who have trouble with history, the majority of the military was drafted.  Drafted-that’s where people get a letter in the mail from the government thanking them for their service before they’ve even enlisted.  The letter was  the enlistment.  Your number was drawn so it was off to boot camp.  These soldiers didn’t really have a choice.  The media and the protestors, with the help of Union’s campaign contributing cash cows put the whole Vietnam War into a new arena of warfare.  One where Washington would put our boys in harms way and then play politics with their lives but not allowing them to do what needed to be done.  By claiming to want to stop the war, these politicians had no trouble sending them into harm’s way and then tying the hands of the military contributing to the deaths of many of our bravest.

Now our Unionized Marxist fearless leader again ties the hands of the military with his ridiculous don’t fire until fired upon policy resulting in more military combat deaths in the first two years of his term as President and more wounded in 2010 than in the entire Bush Presidency.  But hey, he overturned Don’t ask, don’t tell.  Maybe that was part of his shovel ready jobs program making sure the Hershey Highway could be plowed and that’s certainly more important than protecting the lives of our men and women in uniform isn’t it?  If that statement offends you…so what.  Maybe it’s time people starting hearing the truth because that’s exactly what has happened.  It doesn’t seem to matter if this President’s policies are killing our bravest so long as the soldiers can tell the world their gay.  Let’s buy the world a freakin’ coke and sing songs on the hillside.  WAKE UP AMERICA.

Our soldiers can’t fire until they’re fired upon, but this President as Commander In Chief can KILL an American Citizen with a drone attack because he’s a terrorist, or so we’ve been told.  I guess we’ll never really know for sure since Due Process was allowed him.  That whole messy Constitution that protects the rights of the citizen isn’t going to get in the way of this President especially once his administration declares you as a terrorist.  Let’s not forget he has a whole list of names.  He has a right to do so and if you don’t believe it, just ask him.  He has a paper from the Department of Justice that says so.  Granted that paper is sealed and we aren’t allowed to read it.  Don’t ask, don’t tell might have been repealed in this administration but their policy seems much strictly “Don’t ask, won’t tell.”

Today, the hills are alive with the sound of protests once again.  It’s history replaying itself right before our eyes.   These groups are organized but not in the way the media, if they cover it at all, will tell you.  It’s already happening.  The Tea Party, with no acts of violence and a group that cleaned up after themselves-they were radical…they were also astroturf.  This protest is grassroots which is pure bull.  The Communists and Labor Movement has been organizing this for months.  We know, the tapes, videos and documents are all out there.   Just google Andy Stern and listen and read for yourself.

They press will once again be covering the distraction, the street protests.  While the protestors will be out in the streets, Union leadership will be in your representatives offices trying to buy support for their Union and Communist causes.  Many of our elected representatives will be anxiously awaiting for these lobbyists visit in much the same way a child anticipates the arrival of Santa Claus.  Campaign re-election Stockings will be hung in their tax-payer funded offices with care.  While the children longing for the real Santa Claus might dream of visions of sugarplums these representatives will be dreaming about fat campaign coffers that jiggle like bowls full of jelly so they can stay in office and bring home the bacon for their district.  Granted that bacon is going to be a lot more lean for a while and that has nothing to do with the First lady’s push for healthier food.  It will be lean because the fatted hog of the American taxpayer isn’t quite as fat anymore.

Now if you think I just insulted the taxpayer by calling them a pig you are missing the point.  You’ve bought into the liberal talking points so please don’t waste my time or yours by reading any further.   Just get in line with the rest of the sheep and start practing your recitation of everything Francis Fox Pivens has to say (link)….here I’ll help you “I am a Communist”  now you repeat after her.

You see, when your rep has the reputation, ala Chip Brightbill used to have in this district, of bringing home the bacon, that means that they are using pork projects that magically appear as giant checks with their name on it even though not a dime of that money actually came from their pocket.  Just once, I’d like to see one of these guys after they get applauded for presenting one of those giant government welfare checks to some organization say “No, No, please don’t applaud me.  You see, I stole this money from the taxpayers.  That what I do…I’m a politician.  If I don’t do this, I won’t be a politician for very long.  I steal it from you and all you people who are applauding me are fools because right now other elected reps are doing exactly the same thing with your money too.  Why the hell do you think we have this huge debt?  Oh yeah, and by the way, we just passed a whole bunch of regulations and mandates that will probably take jobs away from some of you.  Just thought you should know.  Thanks for electing me”

This money comes from everybody else; the Jane and John Doe’s all over America who help pay for the playground or library or doggy parks in your community, and your neighbor’s community, and their neighbor’s community and their neighbor’s neighbor’s community and…well you get the point.  But hey, if they don’t take it somebody else will…aren’t we tired of hearing that  line already.  That’s part of the freakin’ problem-everybody’s got their hand out and they’re reaching into my pocket and right now, there’s not much more than lint in it anymore. Till the government takes their slice and I pay my bills and mortgage there isn’t much left for gas cloths and food.  I have to pay for my representatives salary, their fat healthcare plan and their really plush insurance.  I also have to help pay the President’s salary, his healthcare plan and his plush insurance as well as his golf trips, exotic vacations and really wild parties.  We don’t want to forget the First lady, we also have to pay for her vacations, even though she really doesn’t have a job, we have to pay for her trips to raise awareness of the unhealthy aspects of McDonalds, like we really needed her to tell us that.  Then to add to the misery, I also have to help pay for that woman down the street who is a baby factory, lives off welfare, subsidized housing, food stamps and cash assistance but still has a really nice car, a cell phone for every member of the family, and a big screen TV.  While my wife and I save up for that special night out, the welfare chick has two or three parties a week that keep most of the neighborhood up all night but hey, just because the rest of the people have to get up in the morning and go to work doesn’t mean she has to.

The point is that I’m not calling you a pig, the representative who brings home the bacon sees you as one and every day is just another butchering day to these guys.  How else are they going to fund their re-election campaigns.

Like the war protestors in the sixties, they’ve taken it to the streets.  Once again the media is already making sure we know about every incident of police brutality there is.  We are not supposed to question an white shirted officer who appears out of nowhere, rushes into the crowd and pepper sprays two young girls who both turn to face the camera and scream. Neither one with the painful redness around their eyes usually accompanied by such an act; neither one thrusting their hands to their eyes because of the pain is the usual reaction; but scream they do and they do it well. As the viewer, we aren’t supposed to be the bit least suspicious when that same pepper-spraying white-shirted officer then turns and almost runs away, quickly disappearing into the crowd.  No, this whole thing couldn’t have been staged, not here in America.  The cop couldn’t have been a plant.  The girls couldn’t possibly have know that they were being filmed.  That’s all just a co-incidence.

These are just peaceful protestors, or so the media keeps telling us.  Again I say, WAKE UP! There is nothing peaceful trying to shut down the financial capital of the world.  These peaceful protestors are blocking streets in a city that thrives on a need for speedy business exchanges.  They are hurting business and placing a huge extra burden on the economy by forcing the requirement of extra police, fire and safety personnel.  They claim to be concerned about cuts in education, that’s why they didn’t protest during the summer break but waited until the fall semester to go AWOL from their government subsidized college tuition to protest.  Apparently they still want the money to go to school, they just don’t really want to go school.

No matter what, the protestors are moving again so I guess it’s time to break out the tie dyes, headbands and who knows maybe even bell bottom pants for guys will come back in fashion.   Is it possible that that Max Yasgur’s son Sam is getting ready for another 3 days of peace and love…on no wait, wouldn’t that be 3 days of rage because, after all, it’s all about the love man!?  Let’s hope that this time around they pick another horoscope sign. The first one was called an Aquarian Experience and it was, it rained in buckets.  What did they expect?  Of course, it was actually the government seeding the clouds that caused all the rain.  I know, I saw the movie.

To any of these useful idiots of this protest movement who might actually read this.  Have you learned nothing from history?  Maybe I can forgive your not knowing the history of the foundation of America since it’s been either removed or completely re-written, and it was a really long time ago. I know how difficult it is to read what our founders actually because there is so little available to read for free on place like and google books or any other of the thousands of websites that freely make this stuff available.  (That was sarcasm).

The entire debates on the Constitution is there so we know exactly what the founders intended and what we got now isn’t it. I don’t give a flying flock what some Supreme Court Justice has to say, if it conflicts with the founders, the Justice is lying and should be removed from the bar. End of that story.  Madison, Jefferson, Adams, Wilson and many others….their are literally volumes of their letters, writings and speeches.  We the people are without excuse and it won’t cost you a dime to download this stuff and if you are too lazy to read it, you can also download free book readers that will read it to you, out loud, in English  s….l…..o…..w…..l….y so as not to confuse you too much.

A little critical thinking and surely you have to see that you are being used just as the students were used in the 1960’s.  While you protest, while you get pepper-sprayed and arrested, the real crime is taking place as the Union Santa Clause shakes another Senator’s hand accompanied to the sound of gold coins falling into the Campaign stockings.  But hey, “Money.  It’s a Hit.  Don’t give me that do goody good bullshit.”

The corporations that you guys supposedly have a problem with, well just in case you missed the memo, they are in business to make a profit.  That’s what they do.  Not much sense in having a business that provides jobs and healthcare for people if you can’t make money in the process. And guess what, not only do they provide jobs and healthcare for their employees, they also pay taxes (unless they contributed and continue to contribute to this President’s election bid).  Those taxes help pay your government subsidized educations.  It helps pay for the welfare nanny state.  And all the people who work for them, they pay taxes too and their taxes pay for your subsidized education and the welfare nanny state.

Now your elected representatives and your Union Leadership….that’s a different story.  They are supposed to be looking out for you not exploiting you.  They’re just using you to cover for their friends in high places and the money just keeps right on rolling in.  I know you liberals hate Sarah Palin but she’s right.  While you bundle all capitalism together as being evil because you do not understand the difference between crony capitalism and a true Free Market system, the cronyism dies when your representatives start saying no so if you really need to protest and carry a sign, stop doing the bidding of somebody else and take it to Washington where it belongs.

And if you really do want a slice of that money pie….go back to school, apply yourself and who knows what could happen.  In another 40 years a group of poor misguided students might once again fall under the guise of Communist predators and they could be outside your workplace talking about what a piece of shit you are.  Then you’ll be the thief, you’ll be the cannibal and you’ll be shaking your head and thinking about how stupid you were.  Of course if you get what you are really asking for that’s not going to happen.  You will shut down the economy and when you do you got no jobs and that means no government subsidies, no welfare, no nothing.

Do you really think the elected leadership and Unions are really going to allow that to happen?  They don’t care if the middle class collapses.  They really don’t care how poor you are so long as they can fool you into thinking you need them.  They are using you to turn the country on its head and seize the economic reigns as they attempt to take over the global economy and implement Marxist madness on the world through a global takeover.  There will still be the rich and there will be the poor and then try one of these protests and see how fast you wind up in an Auschwitz.

If you go back to school,  take a trip to the library and find me just one example where implementing Marxism hasn’t resulted in deaths of millions.  By the most conservative estimates, Marxism is directly responsible for about 110,000,000 deaths in the last century.  The death total for all military engagements in the last century…38,000,000.  Now that’s really something to be pissed off about. That’s something to protest.  Maybe you can start with your Marxist professor whose been lying to you!  When push comes to shove and the bus is passing by your DNA will be on the palms of their hands and it will be to late for you to do anything about it.

To the rest of us..the next time the media tells you that the things in a candidates past doesn’t really matter, stop listening to that media outlet.  It does matter.  Just as Bill Clinton’s previous affairs wound up in the oval office and all over an intern’s blue dress, this President’s former anti-American Marxist protesting friends are in the oval office and holding key positions in over-regulatory agencies in this country. This time it isn’t just an intern who is getting screwed, it’s the whole country.


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