Just some of my own thoughts on the Election of 2012

America has some serious problems and when the next election cycle comes around I want a President who isn’t going to spend the next four years explaining why everything we did in the past is the problem. I want a President who isn’t going to be spending the next 4 years apologizing for what they interpret as interfering in Foreign Policy. I don’t want a President who makes promises that they have demonstrated they cannot keep. I do not want a President who continually points out the flaws of America as though he is apologizing to the world for the greatest Nation in the History of the World.

I do not want to hear about consistency without accomplishment. Consistency without accomplishment is proof only that you are a consistent failure. If, while serving as a lawmaker you have been unable to communicate, in a persuasive manner, the job you think we need to accomplish, what could possibly make me think you will be able to do so as President unless you abuse the powers of your office. I want to hear about real solutions. Explaining how we got in this mess doesn’t mean you know how to get us out of it. Cutting and running from our military obligations is not a solution, it is a surrender. Worse yet, it demonstrates a willingness to betray our friends to the will and whim of our enemies.

I know the economy is bad, but there is more to America than the economy and if the government gets out of the way, after some difficult times, the economy will repair itself due to the Spirit of Americans and their will to succeed. But when the tyrants of this world wage war against our friends and we do nothing, we will soon lose our friends and, as history has demonstrated time and again, when America entertains isolationism, the world goes to war.

Our politicians are not Greek gods who occasionally descend from some Olympian Vestibule to grace us with their miraculous perfection. I do not need to worship them in their perfection and I refuse to entertain any such cultic notion of the perfect candidate. The Perfect Candidate does not exist. They are human beings with flaws. Being religious, or claiming some from of Christianity does not make them flawless. If anything, it should make them more in tune to their own imperfections. Doesn’t the Bible say “ALL have sinned, all have fallen short of the Glory of God!’ If you have embraced any candidate as the Perfect Candidate, you will be disappointed.

The next President needs to know that after we vote, we are not going home to let them do as they please. The next President needs to know that the people of this country do matter and without the Consent of the Governed it is all in vain. Character does matter. Admitting a mistake in judgement can be a strength, not a weakness so long as they have learned from that mistake. Pointing at others while denying your own weaknesses and mistakes also reveals character and it is not a good revelation. Deliberately lying about another candidate through misrepresentation is yet another demonstration of bad character. Telling me you are a Christian or claiming any form of faith while you do it is even more offensive to me.

I am proud of my country. I have spent the last three years with a President who has taken every opportunity to denounce what it means to be American, apologize for America and betray our friends while embracing our enemies, all of whom would stab us in the back the first chance they get. I do not want to spend the next four years listening to another President blaming their inability to do what needs to be done on all the past problems. That isn’t a solution, that’s an excuse.

When I hear the President of the United States of America speak about America I want to feel the way I did when I heard Ronald Reagan speak about this country. Ronald Reagan was far from perfect. At times he compromised his conservative values and he began taking this country on a path to prosperity. He made me angry at times but he never once made me feel ashamed to be an American.

Yes, the National Anthem can bring a tear to my eye and hearing children recite the Pledge of Allegiance can put a lump in my throat. I am not ashamed at that and I do not want to feel as though my President is.

When I hear the next President take the Oath of Office, I want to know that they truly believe in what they are saying, that they believe in America and that they believe that America is worth saving and defending.


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