Estato Corporativo: America and Fascism

While Fascism is a Twentieth Century word conceived by Italians to describe their political movement it is not really a new concept but one that has existed since civilization began.   Fascism can be evidenced in the Feudal System and in other governments in the past.   Volumes have been written trying to keep fascism in a left vs right paradigm but its roots run much deeper.  In doing so they look at how fascism was implemented in Italy rather than study the root of it’s political ideology.

Central to the concept of Italian Fascism  was Estato Corporativo: the corporatist state. It was a merger of Corporate Power and State where the agenda of Corporatism begins to controls the state through appointed and unelected bodies.  The corporations view of religion through financial gain is how the country must view religion.  The corporations view of social morals through financial gain is how the country must view morality.  The corporations view of every aspect of our life must be controlled in a way that best benefits the financial gains of corporatism.  Right or wrong under this government is then defined by the best interest of the Corporate concerns.  Something once deemed unethical can suddenly become ethical so long as there is financial benefit.

Through this understanding we can better comprehend why there is this battle that exists between trying to push Fascism to the left or to the right.  This is because Fascism can exist in both paradigms but is not confined to one or the other.  Fascism will do everything in its power to promote collectivism for the common good (as defined by them) with complete disregard to the rights of the individual or to accept any sense of Sovereignty in Personhood.  Under Fascism, those who benefit will deliberately ignore abuses to the rights of others as long as they are personally gaining.

In the 1960’s Americans began to grow government through the implementation of a series of Departments, Agencies and Commissions.  While Fascism had been creeping into American Government prior to this, the implementation of this Administrative State of Departments, Agencies and Commissions  began the embedding of Fascism into American Government in every aspect of our life.

The two prime examples of the shift to Fascism in America before the 1960’s  was the creation of the Federal Reserve and the Internal Revenue Service.  This essentially created two two appointed bodies that existed outside the traditional roles of Government in America.  It removed them from a system of checks and balances in the Republican Form of Government and it empowered them to legislate through regulations while, at the same time, granting them the power to enforce those regulations.  From this point forward the corporate world would not prosper based on its own merit, effort and worth but would be enabled by the enactment of a series of laws in the form of exemptions.  The partnership between government and the state was sealed.  From this point forward the the sustaining power of both the Government in America and the Corporations would be derived through economic theft of its citizens.

In the 1960’s we launched a War on Poverty.  To do so new powers were granted to departments while creating new agencies and commissions.  To empower these departments, agencies and commissions individuals would be appointed who had a vested interest in promoting a singular view in this issue, many from within corporate factions where they would advance positions that benefit the corporations from which they had emerged.

This then began to implement systems where every aspect of business in America would be controlled (regulated) by the enforcement powers of these administrative bodies granted to them by our legislators.  They would control the environment through the EPA, Farming through the Department of Agriculture, Education through the department of Education, Social Morality through Social Welfare Agencies and the list goes on.

Taxes and deductions (exemptions) would then be formed around what best benefited Corporations often at the expense of the citizen.  Under this form of government right and wrong is now determined through economic benefit and when this happens all manner of immorality can be justified if it makes the nation more prosperous through corporate power while scraps from the table fall to its citizens.

The most obvious is the corruption of right and wrong when it comes to murder.  Under Fascism a woman’s right to choose is championed as a moral right even when that choice rejects any notion of the moral right and wrong of killing a child in the womb.  Under this new morality rights are determined by the government, granting to one group while rejecting the same rights to another group.  Since this obviously can not be equal justice a new term must be created so the Fascist calls it social justice.  Abortion is not a right, it’s an industry but now, under America’s new Fascism it is universally accepted as a right.

While abortion is the most obvious you don’t really have to look hard to see this Corporate State in play in all policy.  In the more recent debate on Illegal Immigration Amnesty we can not address the moral right or wrong on criminal actions in entering the country.  That language is being framed for us and the one thing we are we will never hear is the financial benefit to corporations through granting amnesty to illegals.  If you oppose legalizing the actions of criminals you are a racist.  If you demand border security before we consider Amnesty, you are a racist.    Conservatives opposing Amnesty feed into this every time they say we’ll never have another Republican President and could lose the house if they pass the Amnesty Bill.  Where is the discussion of moral right and wrong.  It’s not there because both the pundits and the major news channels are controlled by Corporations who are deciding policy based on financial benefit to corporations with or no regard to the cost of the citizen.  We aren’t going to secure our borders because there are powerful corporations who benefit by the porous borders and the exploitation of the illegal immigrant.   The danger to National Security then takes a back seat in the discussion.   The harm illegal immigrants do to the working poor in America is irrelevant.  It advances the notion that there is no actual borders to anything which is part of the global agenda of Corporate Control.

We did the same thing with Obamacare-we surrender our healthcare first identifying it as a right while ignoring that it removes our right to choose while it empowers a system where the prime goal is a single payer option that will empower one huge healthcare industry.  We are doing the same thing with Common Core.  Again conservative are crying about the shift to give Federal Control of our public schools while ignoring the obvious benefits to the Education Curriculum Industry and the fact that this industry will be the ones controlling the curriculum.  This is Estato Corporativo.

Why is Data Mining so critical to the implementation of Common Core?  Yes, we need to be concerned about the Federal Governments intrusions into our privacy but the Data Mining process is an industry.  Why do you think you get so many phone calls about reduced energy prices, charity contribution for charities you’ve never heard of or given to, reducing your credit card debt?  Your personal information is being sold to Corporations where they will use that information to develop marketing strategies, no matter how unreliable to separate the citizen from their money.

Central to the Corporatism ideology is the denial of the individual’s right to true ownership of property.  They will fight this every step of the way even if they must demean and ridicule those who stand firm on the principles of the inherent rights.  That is why under this new Fascist America we see the push for Sustainable Development and Common  Core.  Common Core will indoctrinate our children into the implementation of of Agenda 21 as a moral right regardless of the infringements of your inherent and individual rights.

Private Property rights are irrelevant to to Corporatist.  You property is a source of their wealth and the protections to your property are irrelevant if that gets in the way of their prosperity.

I want this to be VERY CLEAR.  I believe in Capitalism and I believe in Free Market Principles.  Corporatism is not Capitalism and it is not Free Market. Corporatism when granted Governmental Powers is Fascism and there is nothing Free Market about Fascism.

Here are just a few of the indicators that America is rapidly becoming a Fascist State:

  • Military Power is used to produce and protect corporate profits abroad.  This power is then expanded to be used against their own people in their own country.
  • Control of the media – Media outlets become little more that propaganda machines for the Fascist State.
  • National Security Alerts.  Anyone opposed to an action by the Government becomes a threat to the National Security of that government.
  • Cronyism – Ex-corporate employees running the administrative State making the laws that are supposed to regulate or check the very industries they are regulating.  This conflict of interest narrows the field of competition which is always bad for the consumer.
  • Fraudulent elections – this is not simply through voter fraud but through the purchasing power Corporations have in buying candidates to run on their singular objectives.
  • Obsession with crime and punishment as defined by corporate concerns. Shifting moral views for economic benefit.  Under Fascism, tradition views of Rule of Law are criminalized to be replaced with new rules of Law that force individuals to reject a higher authority outside the government in deciding what is right and wrong.
  • Intellectualism is determined by compliance to the view of the Corporate Fascist.  Anyone rejecting that view is immediately determined to be non-intellectual, must be demonized and then identified as an enemy of the State.
  • The encouragement of children reporting to their schools ay actions of a parent that defies the Corporate Fascist view of the world.  The parent is then identified as a threat to the child to the point of removing that child from parental controls.

American began denying its role as a Republic at the turn of the 20th century to embrace the notion that we were a democracy.  We have long since left the Democracy mode and in the 1960’s we entered into the phase of establishing an empowering an Oligarchy of elitist rule of the few and in the rejection of every principle that established us as a nation.  That Oligarchy is built around the protections of a Corporate Elite that desires to destroy all competition to their power and control through abuses of their regulatory powers through the powers of enforcement granted to them by the individuals who were elected to represent us.  This is tyranny and it is tyranny realized through Fascism.


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