How far will they go in their overreach of power?



Many of us are following the IRS Debacle and have become very concerned about the intrusions of the Federal Government into so many aspects of our private lives.  

We are starting to hear more about tactics used by the IRS and how this may have affected previous elections.   One aspect of this that is not getting much attention is that the mere discussion of this generates a fear among grassroots organizations to openly discuss issues when a representative becomes a candidate in an election In fear of violating some campaign regulation that would have the IRS breathing down their backs.  Since campaigns season begin in February with the Petition process and then will last until November, this only leaves a small window where some grassroots openly discuss issues that involve candidates.

This is nothing new.  There are many pastors who have openly stated that they fear taking a position from the pulpit on critical issues for fear of losing their tax exempt status.  Now considering that the first amendment states “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;”  a tax regulation that prohibits the free exercise of religious beliefs concerning politics would be a violation of the 1st Amendment.   There is the issue of separation of church and state but thanks to the progressive revisionists who have deluded most Americans into believing this phrase is actually in the Constitution,  the principle as laid out by Jefferson advocated for keeping the government out of the church but never to restrict the church from dealing with political issues.

They’ve done the same things in our schools by creating fear and confusion on the laws regarding this separation clause that some schools forbid students from bringing bibles to school or engaging in prayer.   Granted that some of the school officials promoting this are not acting so much out of confusion or fear but because they are pushing an agenda and will hide behind the confusion of these “laws” to get that accomplished.

The rapid growth of the conservative grassroots movement that began back 2009 resulted in two reactions.  The progressives wanted them silenced as they frothed at the mouth while trying to paint this movement as a cadre of tin-foil paranoids.  Originally elements of the GOP were excited about the grassroots in the hopes of making them faithful little soldiers but they quickly turned on them and joined the progressive liberals in their attacks of these grassroots groups because they all feared something at the center of what the grassroots were accomplishing:  Honest accountability regardless of party or individual.

We’ve all watched as networks identifying themselves as news stations turned into opinion bloviating spin machines at the beck and call of the administration.   We’ve seen similar things happen to the printed word.   It is unlikely the press will turn into political meat-eating predators again unless a real Conservative wins the White House and if both parties have their way, they won’t let that happen.  To the left a Conservative is the enemy, the right is kinder….they just say they are “unelectable” but they mean the same thing.

The outlet for true conservative opinion and voices is the grassroots efforts.  We are threat to progressives in government on the right and on the left.  Make no mistake that they will do all in their power to act offended about the IRS debacle while dragging their feet on this until after the elections this year as they both struggle to win control of the House and Senate even if that means winning with people who are weak in principle.  I mean, seriously, when a Senator has to filibuster to get an answer to a question about this administration’s abuse of power and his own party criticizes him for doing so….even when the issue involves the indefinite arrest and detention of American’s on American soil without due process do you really think they care if the IRS is intimidating you?

Consider that Property Tax Independence is an important issue to our group.  Now that we are in an election cycle, pointing out a representative or candidates position on that important issue becomes interpreted as co-ordination or an endorsement of the representative’s challenger.    Essentially this would prevent us from addressing this issue in relation to any representative or candidate essentially silencing us during any election cycle.

Consider that informing all members of an individual member’s sponsored meet and greet for specific candidates can also be seen as co-ordination even though the invitation is extended to all candidates simply by notifying us of the event. 

These are just two examples of ways that confusing rules for political advocacy grassroots organizations are being used to create the same type of fear and intimidation that was used to silence pulpits and schools.   This is called “social engineering” which is essentially the act of influencing a person to accomplish goals that may or may not be in the “target’s” best interest but are generally in the best interest of the social engineer.   

The revisionist progressives have been very successful in the use of social engineering it pushing for the loose less literal interpretation of the U.S. Constitution and the advocacy of the Constitution being a “living document”.   Regardless of how far away these interpretation move from original intent a process of slow indoctrination begins until the public opinion consensus accepts that this is the way things have always been and that moves us into a realm that is called “the normalcy quotient” where no matter how different the new definition is from the original intent the public is deceived into thinking that it has always been this way.

Looking at the Property Tax Issue, most people assume that the school board has always had the power of taxation through a school property tax even though this is something that really only started as we know it now in 1965.  The process of changing thoughts on the right of the school board to tax us, even though it is a body of government and not a governing body, began with the Administrative Act in 1929 and then was advanced through the Public School Code of 1949.   It didn’t start with granting them the authority to tax us but it started by working to change our perceptions and accepting that the government had the right to do this to us even though our own Constitution forbade it.  (Article 3, Section 31 – The General Assembly shall not delegate to any special commission, private corporation or association, any power to make, supervise or interfere with any municipal improvement, money, property or effects, whether held in trust or otherwise, or to levy taxes or perform any municipal function whatever.)

By using tactics of fear and intimidation the results is that many groups will not have the courage to stand up vocally on pertinent issues that involve a representative’s voting record or a candidate’s position on an issue even to the point of merely expressing a concern.  Those groups will then do as some churches and schools have done, self-censor themselves for fear of having their tax status challenged or threatened.  Such surrender empowers the overreach of our government while controlling the free speech of a people as well as the free assembly of a group of people for specific political advocacy purposes.

The question then isn’t so much how far the government will go in this overreach of power but how far we the people will allow them to go.   In this election cycle we owe it to ourself to find out where our representatives and candidates stand on the issues that are important to us.  If the only way you can see your candidate or representative is to pay to see them through some fundraiser or other paid function, that candidate or representative doesn’t care about you, your voice or your opinion.  All they want is your money and they’ll get it from you one way or another.  

By now, those of you who follow what I write you know that I firmly believe that just government derive their powers from the CONSENT of the governed.  In order to get their consent means more than buying an election.  A representative can not possible know what their constituents consent to if they do nothing to inform those constituents about what’s happening in their legislative district and how that representative is voting on the issues.  The same is true of a candidate who wishes to become a representative.  The less we really know about our candidates positions on issues, the less chance there is that they will represent us once elected.  

And so I’ll close by once again quoting Frank Morgan from the movie A Stranger in Town 

“Like all of you here, I am a citizen of this country.  That is no little honor.  Men have fought revolutions and died to be called citizen as as citizens, we carry a burning responsibility.  It means that when we elect men to public office we cannot do it as lightly as when we flip a coin.  It means that after we’ve elected it them we can’t sit back and say our job is done, what they do now doesn’t concern us.  That philosophy of indifference is what the enemies of decent government want.  If we allow them to have their way and grow strong and vicious then the heroic struggle which welded thousands of lovely towns like this one into one nation than we are not citizens…WE ARE TRAITORS!  The great liberties by which we live have been bought with blood but the kind of government we get is the kind of government we deserve.   A government of the people, by the people and for the people can mean any kind of government.  It’s our duty to make it mean only one kind, uncorrupted, free, united!”



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