Non-Mainstram outlets warning of attack by ISIS/ISIL on US Soil

We have received the following warning from Judicial Watch (  that confirms the fears the radical Muslim elements are in Mexico and planning another attack on US soil.


AUGUST 29, 2014


UPDATED: 08/31/2014 at 4:45 PM ET Islamic terrorist groups are operating in the Mexican border city of Ciudad Juarez and planning to attack the United States with car bombs or other vehicle born improvised explosive devices (VBIED). High-level federal law enforcement, intelligence and other sources have confirmed to Judicial Watch that a warning bulletin for an imminent terrorist attack on the border has been issued. Agents across a number of Homeland Security, Justice and Defense agencies have all been placed on alert and instructed to aggressively work all possible leads and sources concerning this imminent terrorist threat. Specifically, the government sources reveal that the militant group Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS) is confirmed to now be operating in Juarez, a famously crime-infested narcotics hotbed situated across from El Paso, Texas. Violent crimes are so rampant in Juarez that the U.S. State Department has issued a number of travel warnings for anyone planning to go there. The last one was issued just a few days ago. Intelligence officials have picked up radio talk and chatter indicating that the terrorist groups are going to “carry out an attack on the border,” according to one JW source. “It’s coming very soon,” according to another high-level source, who clearly identified the groups planning the plots as “ISIS and Al Qaeda.” An attack is so imminent that the commanding general at Ft. Bliss, the U.S. Army post in El Paso, is being briefed, JW’s sources say. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) did not respond to multiple inquiries from Judicial Watch, both telephonic and in writing, about this information. But two days after JW published this report Ft. Bliss implemented increased security measures. The statement that went out to the media attributes the move to several recent security assessments and the constant concern for the safety of military members, families, employees and civilians. However, El Paso’s newspaper credited JW’s Friday piece about ISIS terrorists planning an attack on U.S. soil from Juarez as a possible factor. The disturbing inside intelligence comes on the heels of news reports revealing that U.S. intelligence has picked up increased chatter among Islamist terror networks approaching the 13th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. While these terrorists reportedly plan their attack just outside the U.S., President Obama admits that “we don’t have a strategy yet” to combat ISIS. “I don’t want to put the cart before the horse,” the commander-in-chief said this week during a White House press briefing. “I think what I’ve seen in some of the news reports suggest that folks are getting a little further ahead of what we’re at than what we currently are.” The administration has also covered up, or at the very least downplayed, a serious epidemic of crime along the Mexican border even as heavily armed drug cartels have taken over portions of the region. Judicial Watch has reported that the U.S. Border Patrol actually ordered officers to avoid the most crime-infested stretches because they’re “too dangerous” and patrolling them could result in an “international incident” of cross border shooting. In the meantime, who could forget the famous words of Obama’s first Homeland Security Secretary, Janet Napolitano; the southern border is “as secure as it has ever been.”


These new revelations are bound to impact the current debate about the border crisis and immigration policy.


Breitbart has confirmed ISIS involvement in exposing the weaknesses of our southern borders (

WND is also confirming the information while warning of a possible attck on the power grid (

WND points out that the influx of illegal immigrants into the United States has allowed for an expansion of terror cells within the United States.

Meanwhile the San Jose News in California is reporting that a power substation that suffered a sniper attack last year now has a problem with unknown individuals who stole construction materials from the Metcalf substation in San Jose early Wednesday morning in spite of the fact that security was ramped up as a result of the sniper attack (

The Daily Caller is also reporting warning of an impending terrorist attack in the United States: They write “Saudi Arabia’s head of state King Abdullah issued a dire warning to the West if they choose to ignore the Muslim extremist group the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

“If we ignore them, I am sure they will reach Europe in a month and America in another month,” Abdullah said at a Friday diplomatic ceremony and later quoted by Saudi television.

“Terrorism knows no border and its danger could affect several countries outside the Middle East,” he continued. “You see how they [jihadists] carry out beheadings and make children show the severed heads in the street.”


In a report from The Blaze earlier this month we read: “We’re struggling to determine who is really who and we’ve released so many, we don’t know if there are a number of terrorists or future terrorists among those we’ve caught, let alone those who’ve made it in without being spotted,” an ICE official told TheBlaze. “Just because somebody doesn’t show up as a terrorist on a watch list or with a criminal history doesn’t mean they aren’t one.” (


During Obama speeches concerning ISIS he used the term ISIL instead of ISIS.  He did so 5 times on June13, and 16 times in his commencement speech at West Point on June 19th.  ISIS is an acronym for Islamic State of Iraq and Syria or al-Sham while ISIL stands for Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.  Few Americans really understand the difference but this alone is a confession by Obama that the ISIS/ISIL faction are a much greater threat.  The difference is that the Levant describes a territory far greater than simply Iraq and Syria. The Levant consists of the island of Cyprus, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, and part of southern Turkey.  So back in June he already recognized that this was a greater threat and yet, 2 months later he still doesn’t have a strategy.  What’s he waiting for?

Where is the mainstream media on this?

By now, there should be no doubt that we have turned our backs on our allies while our enemies laugh at us as a result of this Presidential Administration. Obama may not have a strategy in dealing with ISIS but ISIS certainly has one concerning us. As has been stated many times, this can not all be incompetence, if he was incompetent he would accidentally do something right for a change.

I just don’t know what it will take to wake up Americans to the fact that this President has kept his promise to transform the fundamentals of America. He is doing it by enabling and empowering those who have called for our destruction. We know that members of the Muslim Brotherhood are holding key appointed positions in our government. As European countries have begun standing up the Radical Muslim uprisings but our President is busy as well….busy playing golf and going to fundraisers and bachelor parties with his celebrity friends. When the mainstream news media spends more time on Obama’s fashion statements than the fact that he just told the enemies of America that there is no strategy in dealing with their terrorist attacks that are killing Christians, Jews and anyone else who doesn’t agree them, we are in trouble.

Rather than do something about this Obama blames the social media for generating alarm about problems that do not exist. Excuse me?


Congress….it’s long past time to put on your big boy pants and do something about this administration and their intentional usurpations of power as he has trampled of the Constitution. You are either part of the solution or you are part of the problem and frankly, for the last six years, you’ve been part of the problem.’

Our military has been demoralized and weakened as a result of this Administration.  Our veterans were ignored and left to perish rather than receive treatment while this Administration assisted in the importations of 10 of thousands of illegal immigrants.  In spite of lies about a recovering economy, the majority of Americans don’t see it. They’ve seen their taxes increase, the cost of living increase as utility, food and other necessities continue to climb.  In the meantime their bank accounts decrease, if they even have reserve funds anymore.

He told us that terrorism in the middle east was on the run…he just didn’t tell us they were running to America through our Mexican Border.   He told us (as did Janet Napolitano) that our border was more secure than ever before,  they just didn’t tell us that is more more secure for terrorists cells to come into America.  Now he tells us he doesn’t have a strategy…at least not one for Americans.



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