It’s Time For A Regime Change?

It’s time for a Regime Change in the GOP

 The Red Coats Are Coming


In a recent letter to Senate Leader, Dominic Pileggi, ( Scott Wagner called him out on his lack of leadership. In four years of a Republican controlled government, Governor, House and Senate we’ve seen no real reform legislation come to reality. With Governor Corbett down in the polls we’re seeing attempts at a failed comeback that included a major win in a debate that did nothing to offer any sense that Governor Corbett can actually win the November election.   In fact, it would appear that the leadership in the GOP has spent the last 4 years planning for this defeat. Senator Wagner hits the nail on the head as to the reason behind this.

Over the past few months we’ve been pointing out a collusion between public sector unions and the GOP that implies a partnership with anti-reform legislation. In the meantime Pennsylvania’s credit rating slips downward and more people are leaving this state, shaking the dust off their sandals from this state as they do.

We watch as Pennsylvania only makes the top 10% when it comes to economic negatives in the country. While the GOP tries to spin all of this, it’s not working. The people in this state know that this spin doesn’t change a thing when it comes to their own bottom lines. Things are bad in this state.

While we’ve worked to advance SB/HB 76 we’ve seen time and again that when the bill makes forward progress leadership in the House and the Senate comes in and places obstacles in the path. SB 76 was on the calendar for two consecutive days to move this bill to the Appropriations Committee and on both days the bill was stopped, not by a vote of the Senate but by an act of leadership.  Immediately after the vote in the Finance Committee, Dominic Peliggi went to the press to appease his public sector union allies and let them no that there would be no vote on SB 76.    He is apparently oblivious to the statewide support for this legislation and is more concerned with the PSEA opinion of him, than ours.  That’s not leadership unless you are leading the way to kill one more reform bill.

It’s not just SB/HB 76; school choice, paycheck protection, right to work…at every step of the way the obstacles to this legislation is the leadership.

It doesn’t take a lot of investigative digging to find out why. Leadership is beholding to powerful unions in this state and they are all too willing to sell the rest of this state into the chains of servitude to appease their campaign contributing union buddies.

A website ( that tracks union influence through campaign contributions reveals a lot about the power being exerted over Pennsylvania Politics with people like Pileggi. The PSEA (Pennsylvania State Education Association), AFSCME (American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees) and SEIU (Service Employees International) are buying votes regardless of our legislators attempts at claiming that these generous campaign contributions have no undue influence on policy. It is absolutely ridiculous for any reasonable thinking person to accept that these unions are willing to spend this kind of money because it has no influence on our legislators.

As we’ve already discussed in previous blogs, this reaches beyond campaign contributions directly to candidates. The Unions work through powerful lobbying firms like Long, Nyquist and Associates who double as campaign consulting firms. Their desire to control elections to keep those campaign coffers full will go so far as to violate internal rules in their attempts to hold on to that power.  Then they will brazenly continue to violate those rules in the promotion of a candidate with absolutely no accountability to the rules or to the people.  Yet some will still not see through this ploy and vote to empower that candidate because the party says so.  These lock-step voters are part of the problem.  If you violate principles you violate the trust between the people and their party and we no longer have any allegiance to do their bidding because of their actions.  It’s time for them to stop blaming everyone else and to look into their own souls.  They may have compromised their principles but in doing so they violate our principles as well and they have no problem with this whatsoever.

Whenever a reform-minded piece of legislation starts to move there are hearings on that legislation. During these hearings the PSEA will send out representation, along with them you find the Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center whose administrative board is made up of members of the PSEA and other Union representatives. You’ll also probably hear from the Keystone Research Center which is actually a part of the Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center made up of the same members.

When it involves education reform, you have the appointed members of the Department of Education many of whom have ties to the PSEA and the same applies to the members of the PSBA (Pennsylvania School Board Association).

If you’ve attended the Lebanon 9-12 Projects meetings on Property Tax Independence you’ve probably seen the huge books that represent the Public School Code of 1949 and Title 22 of the Pennsylvania Code, both of which contain massive unique protections to State public sector Union employees. These unique protections permeate our laws and regulations as evidence by AG Kane’s recent pornography political scheme where she stated that she couldn’t release names of individuals involved in the distribution of pornography on government time, in state government positions, because they were UNION employees.

None of this will change until leadership in the GOP changes. That’s not going to happen unless we hold our own legislators feet to the fire to force that change in leadership and that include our State Party Committee representation because that’s part of the problem. In this person’s opinion, we need a regime change within the party. That regime change has to be through a process where the GOP stops attacking those who serve as the conscience of the party to remind them of the rule of law in this Commonwealth.  They can’t keep pointing at the Democrats when they’re doing the same thing and continue to expect the people to rally behind them when they get themselves in political peril.

We can’t continue to empower people like Long, Nyquist and Associates and think things are going to change. We can’t continue to allow leadership that sells party principles to the highest bidder or candidates who are willing to hire campaign consulting firms that are working to advance the PSEA, SEIU and their ilk.

Let’s face the facts, we aren’t going to see real reform in this state until we put an end to this elitist mentality within the GOP who is only really interested in $100 and $200 dollar functions with the candidates that a great many of the people who they claim to represent simply can’t afford. This buying and selling votes for political leverage that always comes down to being paid for through legal extortion in taxes is destroying this state and we have more than our share of Republicans who are willing to sell us down this river.

From what I see, the people of this state are angry.  They are angry because they feel betrayed and nowhere is this more evident than within the Grand Old Party.   Each election cycle we get charlatans proclaiming to be conservatives and standing up for certain issues. The campaign rhetoric isn’t working like it used to work and people are getting wise that the campaign rhetoric is, in reality, a lie. They have no more intention of fighting for reform than those who are fighting against it. In more cases then not, they are all too willing to get in bed with those fighting against reform.

They can’t be that blind to what this is doing to this state. They have to see that this policy is damaging this state and placing the citizens of this Commonwealth in servitude to a system of government that has no regard for The Commonwealth’s Constitution.   If they’ll put their hands on a Bible and then lie in their Oath of Office, they’ll lie to me and you. They see but they don’t care so long as they can live and then retire in a comfort zone that the majority of this state will never see but have been taxed to the limit to provide for them.

Frankly, I don’t see a path to victory for Tom Corbett as Governor as he continually refuses to listen to the voice of the people and take a solid stand on issues that are most important to them.    Someone is advising him against this but ultimately he is going to be held accountable. I do see that the leadership in the House and Senate as well as the leadership of the Grand Old Party bear as much of the responsibility for this defeat because of their refusal to address any of the reform minded legislation placed in front of them. We’ve seen all too often when someone in leadership does take a stand they say something so incredibly stupid that it damages the efforts of moving the legislation forward. They can’t be that stupid so I have to think it’s intentional. Then again, maybe I’m wrong. Maybe they are that stupid.

Quite frankly, I fear a Tom Wolf administration….not just because of Tom Wolfe but because we have too many Republicans in key positions in the House and Senate who are all too willing to give Tom Wolf what he wants to make sure those contributions from the PSEA and the SEIU keep rolling in.   Wolf makes Ed Rendell look like a fiscal conservative. His campaign is enough to prove to all of us that transparency in his administration will be non-existent.  The only reason he is where he is at in this election cycle is because the GOP has spent that last 4 years doing everything in its power to alienate its base. Party Unity to them means the voters putting on their political party chains and marching in step to leadership no matter what impact it has on our daily lives. They decide who gets a seat at the table is for sure there are NO SEATS Reserved for the Tea Party or other like-minded patriot groups in this state. As soon as individuals rise up, as they did on the Lebanon County Committee, the likes of Long, Nyquist and Associates target that area and will seek to destroy them even to the point of using the home of the District Attorney to wage a campaign against their own party and then call that action UNITY. If you happen to point out a rule of law to them, you become an ANARCHIST just like the Democrats throw around the word RACIST. Honesty is irrelevant to them. So are you and me. All they really care about is power and that power is exerted over you and me. Local control to these people doesn’t mean our control of government but government’s control over us. That’s servitude, not freedom.

It is time for a regime change. The Grand Old Party isn’t so grand any more, not to me. I was once proud to be registered to the party of Principle but those principles no longer matter and that disease has spread from local government up through the stream all the way to the river of federal Government. As I’ve said before, this battle has to begin at the local level. You cut off the streams that feed the river.

It’s time to insist that our legislators change leadership. If they won’t, then it’s time to get rid of those legislators. We need people in these positions that are accountable to the citizens of this state, not legislators who will sell their political souls for campaign contributions.   That means calling out those legislators who are on the Public Sector union payroll at the expense of the taxpayers. That also means calling out legislators who hire political consulting firms that also work for the PSEA, the SEIU and others like them.

No more games, no more excuses. Most importantly, no more lies to the voters of this state.


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