Deceptions In The War Against Home Ownership?

Deceptions In The War Against Home Ownership?

During an interview, State Rep and Speaker of the House, Mike Turzai made the stunning claim that we would need 60 Billion in replacement revenue to eliminate school property taxes in Pennsylvania.

Actually, at this point in time, total education spending in the state of Pennsylvania stands at $30 billion. $12.7 billion of that is derived from the School Property Tax, another 16 Billion comes from State Funding and the rest is collected through Federal monies and local EIT taxes.

Rep. Turzai seems to be admitting that it was always the design of the lucrative Pension Scheme that they enacted to be placed on the backs of property owners in the state. This would re-affirm Rep. Eli Evankovich’s statement during House hearings on HB 76 when he asked, “How else will we pay for the pensions?”.

As a result of this intentional legislative blunder seniors are losing their own retirement while trying to hold on to their homes so they can provide for the retirement of those in the Public Sector. Some, having lost their own retirement, have lost their homes as well.  Others are on the verge of doing so.  That problem goes beyond Seniors though, even though some legislators seem to think that the School Property Tax only negatively impacts seniors and are using the Senior “bait and switch” to buy senior votes at the expense of everyone else.

Young families just starting out and seeking to buy a home in the State of Pennsylvania where they can establish roots in a community and school district to provide better stability for their families are finding this more and more difficult. That type of stability actually improves educational quality because it cuts down on transient student populations that are the result of shifting Job landscapes and uncertainties, some of which are actually created by exemptions to business because of the property tax problem.

You see, sometimes these families relocate into an area because of a temporary Property Tax exemption offered through Keystone Opportunity Zones (KOZ). A job opportunity is opened for them that will actually help them support and family and establish roots in a community.  Then the exemption status of the KOZ expires and the business moves, relocating to another part of the state. HB/SB 76 would eliminate the Property Taxes on these businesses completely allowing those jobs to remain in that community and those families to continue to stay employed and in their homes.  The investment from existing property owners to provide for the KOZ exemption that is lost every time another KOZ business relocates would no longer be an issue and it would be one more program paid for by exploiting home ownership, that wouldn’t be necessary.  Essentially, the entire Commonwealth would become a Keystone Opportunity Zone where business and the employees in those business would reap the benefits.  Likewise, the communities in which those business exist reap benefits as well.  A more stable population of people investing in home ownership unhindered by fear of improvements to those homes because of what would happen to their property taxes.  That helps the construction company and businesses like Lowe’s and Home Depot in supplying materials for those home related construction jobs.

You see, instead of a system where homeowners are essentially punished through taxation because they wish to provide a home for their families, we shift to a system that is more beneficial to business and consumers creating a form of Symbiosis between the business and the consumer generating support of more basic free market principles.  This positive Synergy benefits everyone including the state.  The more jobs in the state, the more revenue there is through the PIT.  That also generates more disposable income which would result in purchases that fuel the sales tax and again, create more revenue for the state.

While we keep hearing news that the economy is on a track to recovery, many Pennsylvanians aren’t feeling the benefits. We’re watching as the cost of living increases while, in many cases, our own wages remain stagnant or hardly keeping up with the cost of living. We are watching as the Act 1 limits are being ignored and school property taxes just keeping going up and up. While it may impact some sectors of the population harder than others its hitting every sector of the population.

If you are a home owners in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, you are now an economic target. You exist to be exploited for the illusion of wealth simply because you own property.

If you are a homeowner in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, you are the source of funding the unfunded mandates from Harrisburg and this must come to an end. Actually, there’s no such thing as a unfunded mandate.  All mandates have to eventually be paid for.  An unfunded mandate from the state simply means that it isn’t funded at the state level.  So how is it funded?  You got it…local property taxation; kicking the can down to the local level so they can all high-five themselves for not raising our state taxes.  Thanks for nothing!  Still that legislative deception keeps a lot of legislators in office because people don’t realize how much of local taxation is actually Harrisburg’s fault even though our Commonwealth Constitution clearly forbids the legislative body from interfering with local taxation (Article 3, Section 31)

Only Elimination of the School Property Tax will deal the death blow to the unfunded mandates and make those creating these lucrative schemes that benefit few at the expense of many forcing them to turn to State revenue to find the funding necessary to pay for their actions. As long as the School Property Tax remains in place, legislators, Departments, Agencies and Commissions  will continue to act irresponsibly with regards to local Property Taxation because there is no financial accountability on their part for those actions. They will continue to see the property owners as a revenue stream and not as a constituent that they serve and as such, not be considered in the cost levied against us by the myriad of programs instituted to be paid for through local taxation.

Rep. Turzai knows full well that education costs are not currently at $60 billion dollars. He’s been in the House for too long and he’s been a part of the budget creation process too many times to make that kind of a “mistake.”  Rep. Turzai’s deception however, seems to be all too prevalent in the political games being played where the common working man and woman is always the loser.

As we read about the tampering of temperature data to reinforce Global Warming/Climate Change and the EPA being guilty of rigged data to justify new air standards, we need to understand that this impacts us hardest at the local level. It results in the creation of new ordinances at the local level and greater expense at the local level to implement programs being pushed at the State and Federal levels but paid for through local property taxation.

That was the pension deal that has created this Tsunami. By manipulating data they made promises they couldn’t keep. They gave SERS and PSERS a lucrative pension scheme that would never sustain itself and it was built, by design, to be paid for at the local level through the property taxes. They did this because they could. They did it this way so they could claim they aren’t raising our taxes while we watch as their actions result in necessary increases in property Taxation at the local level.

The Implementation of Common Core used the same tactic. No monies to pay for its implementation and maintenance would come through state funding. It would all be paid for at the local level, through School Property Taxes.

The drive of Agenda 21/Sustainable Development; without local property taxation to pay for the mandated programs to bring the country into compliance with the EPA Green Initiative, Agenda 21 would have hit serious stumbling blocks in its implementation. While Agenda 21 may be a federal Initiative fueled by the U.N., it requires bringing local municipalities into compliance through schemes of massive ordinance packages at great expense to property owners at the local level.

Even Obamacare needed to attack homeowners for funding. Governor Wolf is frothing at the mouth in his anticipation of moving Pennsylvania into another state which expands Medicaid in order to implement Obamacare in the Commonwealth. But with the expansion under ObamaCare, more and more people will qualify for Medicaid without realizing that the coverage is really not free, but instead a hidden secured loan that allows states to attach costs of Medicaid related treatments and expenses to the estate.

When Republican Party candidate for president Herman Cain broached the subject of “estate recovery” on his radio show, he got so many responses that he decided to put his comments into writing:

The problem here is that the ACA is taking away insurance plans that people could afford and simultaneously offering replacements that are more expensive. At the same time, it’s expanding the definition of “low income” by removing asset tests.

If you can’t afford the new, high price … you are forced into Medicaid since, because of the individual mandate, you MUST be covered.

So, the feds have created a situation where you can lose the coverage you could afford, can’t afford the replacement plans, and are forced into Medicaid which will allow the state to come after your assets when you die.

With the expanded definitions under Medicare, millions are going to be invited into the trap of free Medicaid coverage instead of the expensive exchange coverages only to find that they, and their heirs, are facing losing a lifetime of investment into their homes and estates. Make no mistake about it, Governor Wolf knows exactly what he is doing by expanding Medicaid, he’s going after home ownership.

Where we once had a government instituted to protect property and the rights of the owners of that property, we now have a government waging a war on home ownership. While they don’t say it out loud, home ownership is seen as a sign of wealth and the progressive war on wealth (except their own), has become of war on Home Ownership.

As we all know, Home Ownership is a pivotal point of what we once called “The American Dream” That American Dream is under full blown assault as the Progressive mindset continues in their attempts to fundamentally transform America.

The American Dream, under Progressive ideology, is not about working hard to better your own life, to provide for a home for your family, to raise your children while establishing roots in a community. The Progressive Dream is about raping America of her wealth and forcing the country into complete dependence of Government and the protected Corporate Institutions that are free from the persecution of obtaining wealth. There was a word for that kind of society: Feudalism, and there is absolutely nothing Progressive about it.


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