Exploiting the Budget Crisis.

I’ve just taken my 5th phone call in the last 2 days from Political Action Groups wanting donations to help them support the GOP budget and tell Governor Wolf to Privatize liquor.  I’ve got admit that I am more than frustrated at these games and the attempts to exploit what’s happening in Pennsylvania  to drum up money to fund these groups when not a single one of them is willing to stand up for homeowners and fight for Property Tax Independence.  In each case, when I voiced my frustration in their lack of support for homeowners, the phone line goes dead after they hang up on me.

I’m not opposed to privatization and I support business, especially localized small businesses.  I don’t think government should be running any business, when you look at what they keep doing to the state budget and the taxpayers in this state, they obviously aren’t qualified to run a business.   At the same time  expecting us to keep supporting the business non-profit fronts while they continue to slap homeowners in the face by ignoring the Property tax Issue is becoming more than insulting.

The school property tax has become the enabler of all the other problems because the ease in which they have found in raising taxes through the school property tax.  You can fix the pensions; you can temporarily fix the wasteful spending in schools but it won’t be permanent…..there will always be more ways to find to screw the homeowner as long as this onerous tax remains.  They’ll just find new ways to need more of our money while fooling us all into thinking we have local control over education.

The governor’s budget is going to screw the majority of the taxpayers of this state.  I don’t care how he spins it or how many memes he pushes.  That being said, the GOP budget might not raise our taxes now but its boasting increasing education spending and expanding medicaid.  Are we learning nothing from what’s happening in Greece and Puerto Rico or with several cities in the Country for that matter and with utility authorities as well?  Bailing out bankrupt entities that have no intention or desire to change their own course of action weakens the economy for everyone else.

What I see happening right now is both sides are exploiting this “crisis” to drum up financial support for their campaign funding non-profits.  Democrats will be sending money to their special interests and Republicans sending off their donations and while we’re fighting with each other all of us are being screwed…that is all of us except for those in the Public Sector and that includes the legislators.

While this political game goes back and forth there are families in Pennsylvania that are looking at their own budgets and they are wondering how much longer they can afford to stay in their homes….not just in their homes but how much longer they can afford to live in this Commonwealth.  How much longer are we going to ignore the elephant in the room?

And while I’m ranting….if your legislator is trying to sell you on reduction or telling you that at least its something….Other taxes will increase while the school property tax remains.  With rising pensions and healthcare costs for public sector employees, it won’t take long before your taxes will far exceed what you are paying now.  In that process renters who continue to fool themselves into thinking they don’t pay into the property taxes will continue to see their rents increase because their landlords pay it and they can’t stay in business for long without raising your rent as a result.  If your legislator is trying to sell reduction to you they’re either intentionally deceiving you in their attempts to secure their next election bid or they haven’t thought the whole thing out.  In an issue as important as this, both reasons calls into question their worthiness of the office.

One final point….My wife and I are on a do not call list.  That apparently doesn’t matter to those “organizations” who have called us in the last 2 days.  How am I supposed to feel about your ignoring the do not call list regarding to the actual integrity of the organization you represent?

These 5 are not the only ones calling about this issue and there are groups that I do support and have provided them with my contact information so if you are one of those groups I’m not complaining about you….just those organizations who are calling me because I’m a registered voter and your data mining is more more important to you than my privacy….but then again, you are opposing my rights to property so maybe that explains your disregard for my privacy as well.


One thought on “Exploiting the Budget Crisis.

  1. Spending some time digging into some of these groups: some of them are helping to fund the county GOP endorsed election of a president of the AFL-CIO in the 161st district special election in August after choosing to ignore Lisa Elser, founder of Delaware County Patriots

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