Let’s call it what it is: Planned Parenthood’s Baby Mills!

As the chairman of a local 9-12 group that deals with something that some refer to as “social issues” we sometimes take heat from other conservative-minded groups for doing so.  We’ve taken positions on abortion and same-sex marriage among other issues often tagged with that monicker: social issues.

The recent revelation of Planned Parenthood functioning as a wholesale baby body parts outlet center demonstrates clearly why we should refuse to see this as a “social issue.”  There are activists working to shut down puppy mills, as they should be, but somehow as a society we don’t seem to want hear about the brutal truth about abortion.  Society as a whole would rather ignore abortion than admit that institutions exist to perform abortions for profit.  Society as a whole would also rather ignore abortion that see its brutal cruelty.

We know the horrors of partial birth abortion; we know that failed abortions where the baby is born alive has resulted in babies being tossed aside and left to perish, and we still call this a social issue.

Today Planned Parenthood announced that they apologize for the tone of their spokesperson in the video but they still refuse to admit that there is anything immoral or unethical about encouraging abortions and the profit from selling the baby parts.

Meanwhile Congress acts to defund the Susan G. Komen Fund for breast cancer research because they contribute to Planned Parenthood while not defunding the organization that is actual the perpetrator of the crime.  It’s highly unlikely that the Susan G. Komen fund was unaware of Planned Parenthood’s practice because the issue was raised before so there’s good reason to defund them but why ignore Planned Parenthood. The House GOP has essentially stopped a bipartisan bill, written by Reps. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) and Pete Sessions (R-TX), intended to create a commemorative coin to fund breast cancer research. Half the funds would go to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and half to the Susan G. Komen Foundation, which gives grants to Planned Parenthood for breast cancer screenings.   (http://rhrealitycheck.org/article/2015/07/15/house-gop-pulls-breast-cancer-bill-unfounded-abortion-concerns/)

You’ll note that the link refers to the response to the viral and repulsive video exposing Planned Parenthood as unfounded.  That’s because what Planned Parenthood does in the abortion baby parts farms is essentially legal.  That legality doesn’t make the concern unfounded nor does it make the law ethical, it also demonstrates why this is not merely a social issue.

There is right and wrong.  Murder is wrong.  No human being should have the right to terminate another human life outside of self-defense.  Society shouldn’t have the power to legalize murder except in the cases where an individual has violated the right to life of another human being and a fetus IS A HUMAN BEING.  It may not be at the same level of progress as an adult but then again, children aren’t at the same level of progress and we don’t deny their humanity.

To add to the inhumanity of the legalized murder of babies, the babies body parts are then harvested to be sold as though they was little more than a crop in some field.

We live in a society where even the more heinous crimes of murder are provided with sources of appeal and a legal system that attempts to some degree to provide a form of protection allowing for attempts to prove their innocence.  In the wholesale slaughter of babies, the baby has no such protection.  We may try to find comfort in believing that the baby is not a human being but in the end, it will never be anything but and even if that argument had any validity (which it doesn’t)….we treat animals with more respect.


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