The Resurrecting Beast of Property Tax

kill the beastAs July rolls around each year Pennsylvania turns into one of those old monster movies.  You know the ones….where the monster stalks and claims their prey to go away at the end of the movie only to return the next year to claim more lives in it’s uncontrollable urge to devour and consume.

This Beast of Property Tax is different from other Tax Beasts in that its regular attacks keep attacking the same properties, over and over again relentlessly pursuing, relentlessly devouring.  In its desire to consume it will eventually take more from its victim than the victim is worth, a slice at a time, again and again constantly growing constantly demanding a larger portion until it owns you.

The Beast of Property Tax has its tentacles in every life, rich or poor, strong or weak.  Oddly enough some have learned to live with it while others see what its doing, have seen the victims of this hideous monster destroying their homes, disrupting their families and keeping many in fear of the annual return of the Beast because the next time may be more than they can handle.  The next year they may no longer be able to ward off the creature.

Far too many just don’t seem to understand the power of this beast over their lives, claiming something that should belong to you as its own and growing, multiplying, breeding as it seeks to control that precious thing you call your home.  You’ll never really own your home because the beast really owns it and when its grown faster than your ability to keep it in check it will determine what you eat, if you can afford medications, and even the temperature of your home once it fully controls you.

For many it controls where they live and how they live.  Those who hope to keep the Beast at bay and purchase their homes will fight an annual battle against the beast, each year returning to take a little more of the home, and then a little more and a little more.

Others can’t even afford to face the battle and think they can avoid the beast by renting only to watch the beast coming back each year, attacking again and driving up the cost of their rent.

What ever you do, you don’t want to get sick before the beast comes to claim its portion.  A lengthy period of time where you are unable to work due to an illness or accident could result in the Beast seizing your home from you and driving you and your family out into the street losing all you have invested in your home.

If you have safely made it through life to find retirement, the beast will wait in prey hoping for the death of spouse so that it can ooze its way into your life and force you out of this cherished home filled with memories of loved ones.  The Beast of Property Tax doesn’t care.

For more than 30 years there have been good men and women fighting to stop the beast and along the way those who feed the beast, those who desire to keep it alive as nefariously as Frankenstein yearned to keep his monster alive using that monster to do his bidding and provide him with the things he wanted, have been stumbling blocks.  Using powerful connections and seemingly endless resources, they defend the Beast, they protect it and as they do, more victims fall under the weight of the beast.  Seniors, families, children…it doesn’t matter, they’ve all been victims of the beast.

But now, finally, it appears there is a real path to put an end to this monster.  It appears as though the beast can finally be put to death and still there are those who cry out for its preservation.  They tell us that 10,00 victims a year are not enough for us to be concerned about.  They tell us that because the monster inflicts pain, we know its working.  They tell us they need the beast because of the children as they watch from afar in their Ivory Towers as children are being thrown from their homes and the security of their families put at risk.

You see they know that as long as the Beast exists, as long as there is any chance, just an ounce of life left in it, they can revive it and bring it back to its former strength, perhaps even exceed that strength and claim even more of our lives so they can control us.  Like the mighty Godzilla, leaving blight and pestilence in its path, stomping on our cities, destroying our properties, and yet they want to keep it alive. It’s victims are just collateral damage on their path to their own prosperity regardless of the cost to the security of others, of their homes and their families.

We say it’s time to kill the Beast.  It’s time, as Senator Dave Argall said, to drive a stake through it’s heart and put it to death forever.

The plan…its found in SB76.  It’s not a top secret mission although enemies of SB76 have done everything in their power to keep it a secret.  Nor is it some secret or elusive formula.  It’s a Common Sense solution to the horrors of the Beast, one that stops the beast in its path entirely; destroys it without destroying anything else in its wake.  In fact, it will make the whole area stronger, healthier and more vibrant.

You can go to and read about how it works and why it works.  Then you can join with us to kill the beast and bring economic renewal to Pennsylvania while restoring the security of our homes to all of us.


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