Planned Parenthood: Trying to excuse the inexcusible!

As a third video surfaces on the baby butchery of Planned Parenthood the progressive pundits are out in force trying to keep the discussion away from what is actually taking place….butchering babies to sell the body parts., a division of the Progressive Annenberg Foundation, comes to the defense of Planned Parenthood with the claim that selling these body parts isn’t for profit since the cost of dissecting the babies for the body parts is the reason for the fees.

A great deal of the Annenberg Foundation’s philanthropically influencing effort is focused on Animal welfare and the protections of wildlife species so their position in support of butchering babies for research is confusing to say the least. They claim to stand for environmental stewardship, social justice and animal welfare.

Education remains key to advancing their agenda so they are heavily involved in grants and subsidies to Educational Institutes as well as in steering instruction in communications…translate that media journalism. They are a driving force behind PBS, NPR and have their hands heavily in the advancement of Common Core education.

Their influence on politics can be seen in the fact that The Chicago Public Education Fund (‘The Fund’) was created in 1998 by the Chicago Annenberg Challenge (CAC) board of directors, which included Barack Obama as board chairman and home-grown weatherman terrorist Bill Ayers, as co-chair. Ayers, as you may recall once said that his only real regret in his weather underground terrorist movement was that they didn’t go far enough.

So does the claim made by FactCheck make any sense if you are capable of coldly removing the moral atrocity of butchering babies in a system of human trafficking of body parts? There are 3,000 abortions performed every day in the United Sates according to the Movement For A Better America. Using the figure stated in the video of $800 for an abortion and baby parts (although that’s most likely an underestimation) you are looking at the potential for $2.4 million dollars a day or $876 million a year. Not bad for a tax-exempt government funded non-profit entity!

While FactCheck goes on to make the claim that lives are saved as a result of the research from the baby body parts, their own factcheck claim includes the following statement “In more recent years, however, the use of stem cells for therapeutic and research purposes has taken a more central role than fetal tissue. As Arthur Caplan, a bioethicist at New York University, told Buzzfeed News, “fetal cells are not a big deal in science anymore.”” This follows a statement that the practice of using fetal tissue for research has been going on since the 1930’s in spite of the fact that abortions were not declared legal until 40 years later. The use of fetal tissue coincides with the advancement of the Progressive backed eugenics movement that advocated for legalized abortions, forced sterilization and experimentation that included the Tuskegee experiment which followed 399 black men with syphilis to see how quickly the disease would spread. None of these individuals were treated for their disease nor were they even told they had it. These experiments were then moved to Guatemala where subjects were actually inflicted with the disease without their knowledge or consent. The monster behind this progressive eugenics experiment was Dr. John C. Cutler who was lauded for his work by academia eventually securing a position as a professor at the University of Pittsburgh. Like Margaret Sanger, these progressive monsters are heralded as the patron saints of the progressive movement in America.

Cutler kept few actual records of his experiments but one of the most horrifying to become a matter of public record is “that of a mental patient named Berta.”

According to the New York Times reporting on a hearing of the Presidential Commission for Bioethical Issues Berta was “first deliberately infected with syphilis and, months later, given penicillin. After that, Dr. John C. Cutler of the Public Health Service, who led the experiments, described her as so unwell that she “appeared she was going to die.” Nonetheless, he inserted pus from a male gonorrhea victim into her eyes, urethra and rectum. Four days later, infected in both eyes and bleeding from the urethra, she died.

John C. Cutler was a murderer equivalent to any of the Nazi Concentration Camp war criminals. In my opinion, so is Planned Parenthood.   No matter how they try to spin the good they are doing, just like the Nazis experimented to perfect the good of their master race, the experiments involve human lives, not merely fetal tissue.   Fetal tissue is the politically generated term for baby just as the various derogatory names attached to ethnic groups are used in attempts to dehumanize them.

I’m not seeing discussions of actual consent from the young mothers who are persuaded by these baby harvesting butchers even though the third video implies this happens without the consent of many of these girls.

There haven’t really been any studies conducted on the cost of harvesting baby body parts and the little research done in this area hasn’t explored how much tax payer supported government-funded clinics are receiving in exchange for this heinous practice and while this is focused on using about clinics as baby harvesting farms for financial return, I find it an indictment on America that it took an exposure of such a heinous act to be reduced merely to the realm of economics.

While years ago well-meaning parents, hoping to avoid the discussion of the birds and bees, made the claims of babies coming from the cabbage patch, looking at babies as though they were non-human entities to be harvested the same way we harvest vegetables is disgusting and hiding behind an unethical law to justify abortions “for the god of medical research” is an absolute disgrace. There is no humanity in anyone who can advocate such a practice and yes, they are monsters!

In spite of years of Planned Parenthood’s attempts to hide the depression that sometimes leads to suicide from young girls talked into abortions but many women have firmly expressed the trauma they have had to endure because they allowed themselves to be talked into an abortion.   They carry that scar with them for the rest of their lives. I can hardly imagine how these young girls and women feel to now learn that the baby they have aborted may have been butchered to make some bucks.


One thought on “Planned Parenthood: Trying to excuse the inexcusible!

  1. What’s wrong with this picture>

    Man gets one year in prison for running over ducks with a lawn mower:

    Dentist gets death threats after shooting a lion. Could face 15 years in prison:

    Planned Parenthood butchers baby’s to sell their parts and the progressive left defends them

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