Planned Parenthood is only one part of the Government sponsored profiteering Baby Mills!

With the release of yet another video exposing the hideous nature of the abortion mills disguised as women’s healthcare centers operating under the name of Planned Parenthood.  The positive aspect of this information has resulted in a lot of people digging deeper into the abortion baby butchery industry and have discovered connections to a much larger corporate industry involved in this evil.  Yes, what Planned Parenthood is doing is vile but its much larger than Planned Parenthood.  I am indebted to the research by others in compiling this blog and the websites used for this publication are included at the bottom of this posting.

The revelation that John Boehner’s top health-care adviser is the sister of the founder of StemExpress, the company brokering with Planned Parenthood for butchered baby parts is just one more reason to question Boehner’s leadership. Is this one of the reasons that Congress is hesitating to act in defunding Planned Parenthood?

Is the entrenchment deeper?  Are other forces at play here?

Both Clinton and Bush recognized the value of stem cell research but both placed limits on human embryo use. That changed under Obama’s administrative Department of Health and Human Services by changing the regulations for stem cell research. A look at the NIH policy page governing fetal tissue research reveals that the only current operative regulation is the rather circular 45 C.F.R. 46.206:

  • 46.206 Research involving, after delivery, the placenta, the dead fetus or fetal material.

     (a) Research involving, after delivery, the placenta; the dead fetus; macerated fetal material; or cells, tissue, or organs excised from a dead fetus, shall be conducted only in accord with any applicable federal, state, or local laws and regulations regarding such activities.

The National Institute of Health declares that stem cell researchers must not operate at a profit and they cannot be involved in the termination of a pregnancy. Cate Dryer, the sister of John Boehner’s health adviser, found a work-around thanks to the regulatory powers of an Administrative Agency. With only about $9,000 of savings, Dryer founded Stem Express, LLC in Placerville, CA. and quickly became a leading lab for procuring stem cells from aborted babies and selling the extracted stem cells.

We all know that government funding helps Planned Parenthood stay in business. Government funding, however, also helps Dryer with their stem cell procurement. Studies from 2010 show the extremely high cost of stem cell treatments but this is not really explored to the depths that it should be.

In the videos released exposing Planned Parenthood we find discussion of $75 for baby body parts which is paid by companies like StemExpress. They then extract stem cells from the parts to be used in therapy treatments that can be extremely expensive.   A study by Berkeley University from 2009 disclosed

“The cost impact of the therapy is likely to be high, because of a therapy’s high cost per patient, and the potentially large number of individuals who might benefit from the therapy. This expense would put additional stress on the Medicare and Medicaid budgets, cause private insurance health premiums to increase, and create an incentive for private plans to avoid covering individuals eligible for a therapy.”

The partnership between Planned Parenthood and StemExpress shows a working relationship that complies with the regulations in legal status but is designed to work around the few limitations contained in the NIH regulations that demonstrates a deliberate attempt to subvert the regulations through unethical practices.

By regulatory law, a Stem Cell procurement entity can not be involved in the termination of a pregnancy. StemExpress and Planned Parenthood work round this by creating the false illusion of two separate entities when they are actually in a partnership.

In a brochure release by Planned Parenthood a quote from Dr. Dorothy Furgerson, Chief Medical Officer from Planned Parenthood in Mar Monte, California states “Our partnership with StemExpress is beneficial in a number of ways. First, it allows us to contribute to life-saving research that is advancing diagnostic and medical care. Second, StemExpress has a Plug-in Solution that allows us to add additional clinics quickly. Lastly, I feel confident that our patient’s anonymity is secure through their strict protocols and practices.” PP quote

Dr. Ronald Berman, a doctor listed as working for StemExpress is also practicing out of a Planned Parenthood clinic in Fresno, CA yet somehow this doesn’t violate the regulations of NIH through the Department of Health and Human Services where the Stem procurement industry cannot be involved in the termination of pregnancies.

The NIH regulation also allows for a workaround that says nothing about obtaining the consent of mothers in the donation of their aborted fetuses for the purpose of stem cell research.

Planned Parenthood claims they aren’t making a profit off the sale of the baby parts and that’s actually probably a reasonable claim but it’s what’s happening afterwards where the big money starts to come in play that can be translated in tax deductible contributions back to Planned Parenthood all being subsidized by the government through our tax dollars.

StemExpress is also a member of the Eldorado Chamber Of Commerce which released the following statement in a 2014 newsletter:

“Increasing the region’s global market transactions” is a Next Economy priority goal that the Northern California World Trade Center (NorCalWTC) and to successfully implement the Metropolitan Export Plan, the California Capital Region is seeking federal government support in sector specific export strategies, pending trade agreements such as the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), trade support funding, education, and training for global market business opportunities.”

You see, it’s all connected; The Ex-Im bill, the TPP and the baby mills in using abortions to line the pockets of globalist researchers through the funding of an industry that butchers babies in the name of research.

In 2006 scientists developed newer breakthroughs in stimulating a patient’s own cells to behave like embryonic stem cells making it unnecessary to use an aborted baby butchered into pieces. In spite of this, Planned Parenthood and StemExpress justify what they are doing with total disregard to ethical questions nor will the news media make this information public in order to educate them while exposing the horrible practice Planned Parenthood in their unholy alliance with StemExpress conduct.

Another heinous aspect of this is that the exposure of Planned Parenthoods monstrous actions reflect badly on stem cell research that can be obtained without killing and then butchering babies for their body parts. That negative exposure can adversely impact responsible research that doesn’t require murder or human butchery to accomplish. Planned Parenthood and StemExpress are giving the entire stem cell industry a bad name.

Note: The above information has been compiled from a variety of sources that includes:


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