Common Core: A Symptom of a Much Larger Issue

Most of us have seen some of the ridiculous Common Core math problems posted on the internet and have heard some of the horror stories associated with its implementation.   All of these things should be of concern to parents and educators alike.  Doing what we can to stop Common Core should remain a goal but we need to understand something.  Common Core is a symptom of a much larger issue and until we change the root of this problem the disease will only resurface later and, if history is any indication, when it resurfaces, it will do so is a much larger and more comprehensive manner.

One of the things many people have expressed concerns over is the rampant use of using our children for data-mining.  This is nothing new, our government has been data-mining information from its citizens for decades and yes, it is an invasion of our privacy.  It’s also a clue into the root core of the problem.

Common Core is a top down, Federal attempt to take over the education system of America using a Department created by the Federal Government that many say, myself included, has no Constitutional right to exist.  It creates rules and regulations using monies collected at the federal level to create grant incentives to education funding to bribe its way into our classrooms.   Again, this is nothing new, the federal government has been doing this sort of thing for decades as it has slowly worked to erode the sovereignty of the states.

Here’s a simple question.  If all law making authority at the Federal level is supposed to reside in Congress, how can the U.S. Department of Education create laws through regulations, concerning education?

It’s not even a department within the legislative branch.  The U.S. Department of Education resides in the EXECUTIVE Branch.

While we are asking that question, even within our states….what constitutional authority does a State Department of Education have in creating rules through regulations concerning education?

Here in Pennsylvania we have a General Assembly with a house and a Senate.  Our Constitution clearly states that all lawmaking authority resides in our General Assembly (Article II, Section 1).  Just as it is with the U.S. Department of Education, the Pennsylvania Department of Education is firmly planted in the EXECUTIVE Branch, not the legislative.

Common Core was pushed in Pennsylvania by the Department of Education.  The Federal bribes wouldn’t be enough for implementation so it required a greater strain on local schools to make use of state money and higher property taxes to implement in their schools.  In fact, Common Core was already being implemented in our classrooms before our legislators even had a clue it was happening.

Hearings on Common Core followed and one of the questions that was raised was the cost of implementing Common Core.  The Secretary of the Department of Education replied that it wouldn’t cost the state a dime and they were right.  Common Core would be paid for through local taxation and through monies already being allotted to school district through a seriously flawed statewide funding system.  The Secretary of the Department of Education knew that although  no money had to be allocated from the state for its implementation it would result in higher taxation at the local level.  They also knew that money allocated from the state to the local schools was going to also have to diverted into the implementation of Common Core.

In short, the Pennsylvania Department of Education was enabling a Federal takeover of our schools and bypassing funding accountability and Constitutional law-making authority to make the school district accountable to the Federal Government.  Our local taxes were going to be used to implement a Federal takeover of our classrooms.  In doing so they are simply bypassing both the Federal and State Constitutions through an abuse of authority that, constitutionally, should never have been granted to these Departments in the first place.

That raises the question of using the local school property taxes to fund these efforts.

Like so many of the problems we have with government interference and intrusion into our lives originates through this myriad of Departments, Agencies and Commissions set up to do exactly what Common Core is doing….bypass the constitutional controls through Administrative regulations using grants and subsidies to bribe cash strapped municipalities, school districts and even the state to create a system that uses local taxation to extend the government reach into our lives.

We can and we should try to stop Common Core but if we think that in doing so the problems will go away, they won’t.  As long as these Departments, Agencies and Commissions continue to exist with the authority to regulate and spend taxpayers money without any control through an election process (since the people holding key positions in this Administrative State are all appointed), we are also removing part of the process that was an essential part of the framework of our government:  the consent of the governed through open and free elections.

You see we have some power in the elections of local government through school boards and municipalities but that control is extremely limited by the regulatory controls coming from an unelected body that has not constitutional authority to exist….and for good reason.

The Administrative State ties the hands of those we elect at these local levels who are often forced through regulatory compliance into doing things that create greater financial burdens at the local level.   We like to think that we have local controls but in reality, we don’t and those local controls are really abused by the Administrative bodies to control those we elect at the local level which in turn, control us.

Common Core affords us the opportunity to see how this overreach of an unconstitutional authority invades our individual liberties and hopefully will continue to open more eyes to the need to start dismantling the power and authority of those Administrative bodies and, if they are to continue to exist, must do so under the authority and controls of those we truly do elect.  The Administrative state should never have the authority to force elected individuals into compliance.  It’s not supposed to be top down power controls but rather a system that respects the election process in understanding the principle of “the consent of the governed.”

The Administrative State is like a shadow government operating behind the scenes with little actual oversight from those we do elect.

Take a moment and look at the apparent impotent ability of Congress to reign in or control these bodies;  The IRS, the FCC, the EPA, the State Department….most Americans don’t even realize the wide network of administrative bodies and how they are violating our freedoms and liberties while controlling our government which translates into control over us.

Over the last 50 years the State and Federal Departments of Education have been jamming programs down our throats in education that have been extremely ineffectual while carrying heavy price-tags….perhaps the most expensive of which is minds of children making them more compliant rather than encouraging them to break free of the mold and soar to new heights through free thinking and creativity.

But then again if you never believed in or actually despise the notion of American exceptionalism, wouldn’t that be your goal…to remove encouragement of exceptionalism to create a society of conformers, using education to brand them into the herd and claim them as property to be exploited by those in power.


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