Bread and Circuses: The Landscape of American Politics

Frankly, I am about fed up with the current state of affairs of politics in America.   It’s become a system of bread and circuses while the average family in America is seriously struggling.  Both parties are guilty and the the political media is complicit.

What I’m going to say is going to piss off a lot of people and you know what…so be it.  I make no apologies that the post isn’t complimented by the addition of some cute puppy or cat picture to lure you into reading it or some catchy misleading headline to fool you into believing the article is something it isn’t.  There are no videos claiming that this will be the most amazing thing you’ll see this year along with the thousands of other videos that will also be the most amazing thing you’ll see this year.  That, however, is the society we’ve become: the brand – not the principles.

The term bread and circuses comes from the Latin expression of panem et circenses.  The phrase is used to describe the generation of public approval, not through exemplary or excellent public service or policy, but through diversion; distraction; or the mere satisfaction of the immediate, shallow requirements of a populace.  Give the people enough “free stuff” and supply them with enough political entertainment and the government can get away with anything they want.

We have been rocked with scandals from Benghazi, to the IRS, FCC, EPA and countless other government bureaucracies.  In the process we have had endless hearings where all the political rhetoric is rolled out giving both sides enough fuel to let them claim they owned the other followed by the endless spin in the media but few enough seem to be angry that in spite of the political rhetoric….nothing happens.   No matter how outrageous the actions, no one gets prosecuted, nothing really gets done.

Actually that’s not entirely true.  The real perpetrators aren’t prosecuted but the people, the working families, pay for all the political grandiose while other legislation advances further eroding our rights, our liberties and our property.

How many hearings are we going to have  on Hillary Clinton, her actions regarding Benghazi, and the risk she placed this nation by using an unsecure server to communicate with others while lying to the American people?  Its been 8 months and in spite of the rousing political speeches, nothing has happened.  During those 8 months I’ve read too many stories that each claim the next piece of information is the one that will bring down the Clinton Dynasty.

We heard the same things about Lois Lerner and the IRS scandal and is she in prison because she used her powerful office to target law-abiding American citizens?  No, she isn’t but the hearing provided for entertainment for the political masses fueling media coffers in promoting the latest most outrageous statements made during the hearings.

The circus mentality isn’t simply reserved for the national spotlight.  It occurs at the state and local levels as well.  Regardless of how heinous the charges, if the individual involved offers enough free stuff to people they’ll soar in the polls.   Just look at Hillary, a lifetime with a legacy of political abuse and corruption but none of it matters; its just promising bread and providing for the circus and she gets a free pass from millions of voters in America.

When we reach a point where you can watch video of the killing a living baby to chop it up and sell its parts for profit and people still defend funding that organization, maybe we’ve reached a point of no return as a nation; maybe we’ve actually lost our political souls in the name of being entertained.

As a nation, the majority seems to be more interested in preserving parties than doing the right thing.  A legislator isn’t right or wrong based on their policy positions or voting record, they are right or wrong solely based on the initial that follows their name defining their political party.  After all, what happened to Cindy Sheehan after George Bush left office?  Was the war in the middle east no longer important to her?  Where are Michael Moore’s scathing assaults of Obama on the Golf Course such as we saw with George Bush?

Unfortunately the Bread and Circuses have become distractions to satisfy our political anger as those in power exert more and more control over the American people.  On one hand they create the anger and then they want to use force to control the very anger they are creating.

That anger is growing.  Its creating more and more volatile situations where people consider turning to violence as their only real recourse to justice, however just or misguided that claim of justice may be.

You see, while the majority of the masses may, in fact, be sheep and fall for the alluring prospects of bread and circuses, there are many in the country who are not sheep.  There are many who are doing what the media refuses to do and that’s dig for the truth.  The deeper we dig, the uglier it is; the more vile the stench and the more heinous the actions.

It was once said that if you tell a lie often enough it becomes the truth.  Today, few know what to believe because so much if it is a misrepresentation of the truth.  Everything must be branded even if the brand is a lie.  The new and improved product isn’t improved, just new.  The lies to represent the improvement however are as old as time itself.

To me its no longer so much a matter of right vs left as it is about a powerful structure of a shadow government running the political spectrum.  Its like a game of king of the hill where you will knock down you best friend just for the title of king of that mound of dirt.  The problem in America is that we still think, even after that friend has kicked us in our face for that title, they are somehow still our friend.  In politics, the stakes are much higher than a simple mound of dirt; the stakes involve your home, your liberty, your income, the education/indoctrination of your children and grandchildren and so much more.  The stakes involve a system of government that appears to be hell-bent on bringing us to the brink of World War III.  They have opened the doors of this nation to drug cartels, criminals and global terrorism all in the name of immigration and its not a mistake….its a design.  This government is using the same economic and militant tools in this country that the more covert aspects of our government have used to topple foreign powers.  And no, its not just Obama…its both parties who are willing to sell out you and this nation to the highest global bidders.

We live in a time where more and more of our rights to our own property are violated by a government who thinks they own us and our land and there are too many of us who are willing to stand outside to watch the clowns while the government slips in the back door to steal yet one more piece of our homes and livelihood.

Our elections have become corrupted, controlled through party controls where all that matters is the bread and circuses and few vote because they really understand where the individual actually stands on the issues.

Take your own poll.  Go out among your friends and ask them who voted in the Pennsylvania Supreme Court election and then ask them where those candidates stood on the issues that were important to them;  see how many can actually give you an informed answer.

The 24 hour news cycle feeds into the bread and circuses.  News isn’t supposed to be entertaining, its supposed to be honest, unbiased and informative.  It’s not Saturday Night Live…it’s news.

Local news is no different.  The debacle with the the recent actions locally concerning the Cleona Chief of Police and the original biased reporting in the newspaper clearly reflects the love of bread and circuses over actual journalism.  It was, in my opinion, a disgrace.

While a lot of Americans are angry about the political landscape, too few are willing to actually take a stand to become more informed or to do anything about it.  They’ll complain but they won’t take a stand, unless, of course, George Soros or some other corrupt corporate powerhouse, is willing to pay them to do so. Then their opinion will be based on on the political funder, not on their own convictions, but then again why should they be any different than the majority of the politicians they elect who are willing to sell their own political souls to embrace the position of the political power players who buy their elections for them.

I was recently reading an article about the “conservative” victory in removing John Boehner from the speaker position.  Boehner blamed Rush Limbaugh and other conservative talk show hosts for his fall from political godhood because, after all, it couldn’t have been how poorly he represented the people who elected him to office.  He was there to give them bread and circuses. not sound fiscal policy.

Boehner was then replaced by Paul Ryan who then gave Charlie Dent a key position on the policy committee to help the party determine policy positions.  Seriously….Charlie Dent, the modern GOP equivalent to Arlen Spector.  So much for the conservative voice but hey, its just bread and circuses and after all does policy really matter as long as the government gets to continue its stranglehold on our Life, Liberty and Property


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