Property Tax Independence Betrayal: This is where the rubber meets the road

From the beginning of the budget impasse the mechanics of property tax has been the central theme of the debates.  While there are other issues, its been the alternate plans in their attempts to kill School property Tax independence and so far we’ve been able to hold it off.

By refusing the funding to non-profits and school districts the Governor set a stage that would create a place where he could use their pressure to force the legislators to cave and if they fall for the latest proposed compromise he won and SB 76 is dead.

The proposal of taking the gambling funds and putting them in the state treasury in exchange for an increase in the sales taxes to replace that money isn’t a compromise.  Its a tax shift that doesn’t do a damned thing but bring us the same empty promises that the gambling revenue was supposed to bring us and never did.   It the same old promises where the only people getting screwed are the homeowners in this state.

You have a right to be very angry that this is even being considered.  Even if you don’t support SB 76 you should be angry.  Any legislator, Democrat or Republican who votes for this is betraying the homeowners and any legislator, Democrat or Republican, who tries to spin this as something that will help homeowners in this state is lying to you and after years of the failed relief, has to know its not the truth.

Now we can sit here and we can complain or we can do something about it.  We can pretend that all of this is just more of the same and sit back and let it happen or we can take a stand and say to this government….ENOUGH!

Tomorrow the legislators phones should go viral.  If the people of this Commonwealth don’t stand up and flood the phone lines this is what we are going to get as property tax relief and its not going to help any of us.  Its going to make it much worse.

You can start by contacting House Majority Leader Dave Reed, (717) 705-7173, and Senate Majority Leader Jake Corman, (717) 787-1377, with the same message: ANY INCREASE IN THE SALES TAX WITHOUT ELIMINATION IS UNACCEPTABLE! DO IT NOW AND PLEASE TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW TO DO THE SAME.

You can then go to and find your legislators or, for that matter all legislators, and you can call them and tell them all the same thing.  Ignoring this as though it won’t make a difference is an excuse not a reality.  It will make a difference if you don’t call because your voice won’t be heard on the matter.  The Governor and those in both parties who want to kill property tax elimination or have feigned their support for the sake of garnering votes to get elected will do what they want and we the people of this commonwealth will pay the price.

This is not a compromise.  In fact, of all the proposals, its the worst of the lot and the other alternates were bad enough on their own.    It’s time to end the partisan nonsense.  Any Legislator of either party who backs this compromise is betraying their responsibility to represent the people who put them in office.


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