Planned Parenthood is only one part of the Government sponsored profiteering Baby Mills!

With the release of yet another video exposing the hideous nature of the abortion mills disguised as women’s healthcare centers operating under the name of Planned Parenthood.  The positive aspect of this information has resulted in a lot of people digging deeper into the abortion baby butchery industry and have discovered connections to a much larger corporate industry involved in this evil.  Yes, what Planned Parenthood is doing is vile but its much larger than Planned Parenthood.  I am indebted to the research by others in compiling this blog and the websites used for this publication are included at the bottom of this posting.

The revelation that John Boehner’s top health-care adviser is the sister of the founder of StemExpress, the company brokering with Planned Parenthood for butchered baby parts is just one more reason to question Boehner’s leadership. Is this one of the reasons that Congress is hesitating to act in defunding Planned Parenthood?

Is the entrenchment deeper?  Are other forces at play here?

Both Clinton and Bush recognized the value of stem cell research but both placed limits on human embryo use. That changed under Obama’s administrative Department of Health and Human Services by changing the regulations for stem cell research. A look at the NIH policy page governing fetal tissue research reveals that the only current operative regulation is the rather circular 45 C.F.R. 46.206:

  • 46.206 Research involving, after delivery, the placenta, the dead fetus or fetal material.

     (a) Research involving, after delivery, the placenta; the dead fetus; macerated fetal material; or cells, tissue, or organs excised from a dead fetus, shall be conducted only in accord with any applicable federal, state, or local laws and regulations regarding such activities.

The National Institute of Health declares that stem cell researchers must not operate at a profit and they cannot be involved in the termination of a pregnancy. Cate Dryer, the sister of John Boehner’s health adviser, found a work-around thanks to the regulatory powers of an Administrative Agency. With only about $9,000 of savings, Dryer founded Stem Express, LLC in Placerville, CA. and quickly became a leading lab for procuring stem cells from aborted babies and selling the extracted stem cells.

We all know that government funding helps Planned Parenthood stay in business. Government funding, however, also helps Dryer with their stem cell procurement. Studies from 2010 show the extremely high cost of stem cell treatments but this is not really explored to the depths that it should be.

In the videos released exposing Planned Parenthood we find discussion of $75 for baby body parts which is paid by companies like StemExpress. They then extract stem cells from the parts to be used in therapy treatments that can be extremely expensive.   A study by Berkeley University from 2009 disclosed

“The cost impact of the therapy is likely to be high, because of a therapy’s high cost per patient, and the potentially large number of individuals who might benefit from the therapy. This expense would put additional stress on the Medicare and Medicaid budgets, cause private insurance health premiums to increase, and create an incentive for private plans to avoid covering individuals eligible for a therapy.”

The partnership between Planned Parenthood and StemExpress shows a working relationship that complies with the regulations in legal status but is designed to work around the few limitations contained in the NIH regulations that demonstrates a deliberate attempt to subvert the regulations through unethical practices.

By regulatory law, a Stem Cell procurement entity can not be involved in the termination of a pregnancy. StemExpress and Planned Parenthood work round this by creating the false illusion of two separate entities when they are actually in a partnership.

In a brochure release by Planned Parenthood a quote from Dr. Dorothy Furgerson, Chief Medical Officer from Planned Parenthood in Mar Monte, California states “Our partnership with StemExpress is beneficial in a number of ways. First, it allows us to contribute to life-saving research that is advancing diagnostic and medical care. Second, StemExpress has a Plug-in Solution that allows us to add additional clinics quickly. Lastly, I feel confident that our patient’s anonymity is secure through their strict protocols and practices.” PP quote

Dr. Ronald Berman, a doctor listed as working for StemExpress is also practicing out of a Planned Parenthood clinic in Fresno, CA yet somehow this doesn’t violate the regulations of NIH through the Department of Health and Human Services where the Stem procurement industry cannot be involved in the termination of pregnancies.

The NIH regulation also allows for a workaround that says nothing about obtaining the consent of mothers in the donation of their aborted fetuses for the purpose of stem cell research.

Planned Parenthood claims they aren’t making a profit off the sale of the baby parts and that’s actually probably a reasonable claim but it’s what’s happening afterwards where the big money starts to come in play that can be translated in tax deductible contributions back to Planned Parenthood all being subsidized by the government through our tax dollars.

StemExpress is also a member of the Eldorado Chamber Of Commerce which released the following statement in a 2014 newsletter:

“Increasing the region’s global market transactions” is a Next Economy priority goal that the Northern California World Trade Center (NorCalWTC) and to successfully implement the Metropolitan Export Plan, the California Capital Region is seeking federal government support in sector specific export strategies, pending trade agreements such as the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), trade support funding, education, and training for global market business opportunities.”

You see, it’s all connected; The Ex-Im bill, the TPP and the baby mills in using abortions to line the pockets of globalist researchers through the funding of an industry that butchers babies in the name of research.

In 2006 scientists developed newer breakthroughs in stimulating a patient’s own cells to behave like embryonic stem cells making it unnecessary to use an aborted baby butchered into pieces. In spite of this, Planned Parenthood and StemExpress justify what they are doing with total disregard to ethical questions nor will the news media make this information public in order to educate them while exposing the horrible practice Planned Parenthood in their unholy alliance with StemExpress conduct.

Another heinous aspect of this is that the exposure of Planned Parenthoods monstrous actions reflect badly on stem cell research that can be obtained without killing and then butchering babies for their body parts. That negative exposure can adversely impact responsible research that doesn’t require murder or human butchery to accomplish. Planned Parenthood and StemExpress are giving the entire stem cell industry a bad name.

Note: The above information has been compiled from a variety of sources that includes:


Planned Parenthood: Trying to excuse the inexcusible!

As a third video surfaces on the baby butchery of Planned Parenthood the progressive pundits are out in force trying to keep the discussion away from what is actually taking place….butchering babies to sell the body parts., a division of the Progressive Annenberg Foundation, comes to the defense of Planned Parenthood with the claim that selling these body parts isn’t for profit since the cost of dissecting the babies for the body parts is the reason for the fees.

A great deal of the Annenberg Foundation’s philanthropically influencing effort is focused on Animal welfare and the protections of wildlife species so their position in support of butchering babies for research is confusing to say the least. They claim to stand for environmental stewardship, social justice and animal welfare.

Education remains key to advancing their agenda so they are heavily involved in grants and subsidies to Educational Institutes as well as in steering instruction in communications…translate that media journalism. They are a driving force behind PBS, NPR and have their hands heavily in the advancement of Common Core education.

Their influence on politics can be seen in the fact that The Chicago Public Education Fund (‘The Fund’) was created in 1998 by the Chicago Annenberg Challenge (CAC) board of directors, which included Barack Obama as board chairman and home-grown weatherman terrorist Bill Ayers, as co-chair. Ayers, as you may recall once said that his only real regret in his weather underground terrorist movement was that they didn’t go far enough.

So does the claim made by FactCheck make any sense if you are capable of coldly removing the moral atrocity of butchering babies in a system of human trafficking of body parts? There are 3,000 abortions performed every day in the United Sates according to the Movement For A Better America. Using the figure stated in the video of $800 for an abortion and baby parts (although that’s most likely an underestimation) you are looking at the potential for $2.4 million dollars a day or $876 million a year. Not bad for a tax-exempt government funded non-profit entity!

While FactCheck goes on to make the claim that lives are saved as a result of the research from the baby body parts, their own factcheck claim includes the following statement “In more recent years, however, the use of stem cells for therapeutic and research purposes has taken a more central role than fetal tissue. As Arthur Caplan, a bioethicist at New York University, told Buzzfeed News, “fetal cells are not a big deal in science anymore.”” This follows a statement that the practice of using fetal tissue for research has been going on since the 1930’s in spite of the fact that abortions were not declared legal until 40 years later. The use of fetal tissue coincides with the advancement of the Progressive backed eugenics movement that advocated for legalized abortions, forced sterilization and experimentation that included the Tuskegee experiment which followed 399 black men with syphilis to see how quickly the disease would spread. None of these individuals were treated for their disease nor were they even told they had it. These experiments were then moved to Guatemala where subjects were actually inflicted with the disease without their knowledge or consent. The monster behind this progressive eugenics experiment was Dr. John C. Cutler who was lauded for his work by academia eventually securing a position as a professor at the University of Pittsburgh. Like Margaret Sanger, these progressive monsters are heralded as the patron saints of the progressive movement in America.

Cutler kept few actual records of his experiments but one of the most horrifying to become a matter of public record is “that of a mental patient named Berta.”

According to the New York Times reporting on a hearing of the Presidential Commission for Bioethical Issues Berta was “first deliberately infected with syphilis and, months later, given penicillin. After that, Dr. John C. Cutler of the Public Health Service, who led the experiments, described her as so unwell that she “appeared she was going to die.” Nonetheless, he inserted pus from a male gonorrhea victim into her eyes, urethra and rectum. Four days later, infected in both eyes and bleeding from the urethra, she died.

John C. Cutler was a murderer equivalent to any of the Nazi Concentration Camp war criminals. In my opinion, so is Planned Parenthood.   No matter how they try to spin the good they are doing, just like the Nazis experimented to perfect the good of their master race, the experiments involve human lives, not merely fetal tissue.   Fetal tissue is the politically generated term for baby just as the various derogatory names attached to ethnic groups are used in attempts to dehumanize them.

I’m not seeing discussions of actual consent from the young mothers who are persuaded by these baby harvesting butchers even though the third video implies this happens without the consent of many of these girls.

There haven’t really been any studies conducted on the cost of harvesting baby body parts and the little research done in this area hasn’t explored how much tax payer supported government-funded clinics are receiving in exchange for this heinous practice and while this is focused on using about clinics as baby harvesting farms for financial return, I find it an indictment on America that it took an exposure of such a heinous act to be reduced merely to the realm of economics.

While years ago well-meaning parents, hoping to avoid the discussion of the birds and bees, made the claims of babies coming from the cabbage patch, looking at babies as though they were non-human entities to be harvested the same way we harvest vegetables is disgusting and hiding behind an unethical law to justify abortions “for the god of medical research” is an absolute disgrace. There is no humanity in anyone who can advocate such a practice and yes, they are monsters!

In spite of years of Planned Parenthood’s attempts to hide the depression that sometimes leads to suicide from young girls talked into abortions but many women have firmly expressed the trauma they have had to endure because they allowed themselves to be talked into an abortion.   They carry that scar with them for the rest of their lives. I can hardly imagine how these young girls and women feel to now learn that the baby they have aborted may have been butchered to make some bucks.

Of Course It’s A Tax Shift!

The opposition to SB 76 claiming that it’s a tax shift and they don’t support tax shifts is really starting to wear on my nerves.  Almost 13 billion of the nearly 30 billion that goes towards education funding in Pennsylvania comes from the school property tax.  Do people honestly think you can eliminate almost 13 billion dollars in education funding without finding a replacement revenue?   I mean, seriously, where do they think the 13 billion is coming from.

Now let’s look at the School Property tax as a means of funding education.  It’s already a Tax Shift.  It’s a tax that shifts the largest burden of that funding on to homeowners in the Commonwealth.  It does so in a seriously regressive system of taxation that impacts the lower income families by taking a higher percentage of their income to provide for the education needs of the children of this state….apparently that kind of a tax shift is alright though.  Pardon me if I disagree!

In areas where Property Tax reassessments haven’t taken place, the regressive shift of the burden of property taxes is even more alarming.  A common level ratio is applied to the property where all the homes are estimated by a state level agency to come up with an average.  That average translates into yet another shift….if you are above the average your burden is shifted down but if you are below the average, your burden shits upward once again placing a greater regressive burden in this tax shifting scheme we call School Property Tax.

Then when you compound the fact that in shifting of the tax placing almost half the burden of education funding on to the backs of homeowners in the Commonwealth it is through a tax shift that is based on an assumption of property worth, not the actual fair market value of a home.  If the economy takes a dive, as it did back in 2007-2008 and home values plummeted, the school property tax actually kept going up based on an assumed value on the home that didn’t exist.  In reality, people were paying taxes on property they didn’t actually own.  Even in more stable economic times, most people are actually paying taxes based on a assessed value of their property that is higher than they can actually realize in a fair market transaction on the sale of that property.  So once again we see a shifting of the tax on homeowners based on an assumed value that doesn’t reflect the actual fair market value of a property.

When the economy tanks and the school property taxes aren’t adjusted to reflect the drop in home values, opponents of the School Property Tax Elimination bill also like to roll out the stability of the property tax.  That of course needs to be translated into the reality of stability for the tax collector, not stability for the tax payer.  In these times it creates incredible instability and hardship for the tax payer, especially for those median income families and lower who sees prices on everything going up while they face stagnate wages or even being laid-off or seeing their job terminated.  Apparently your personal economic stability doesn’t matter….all that matters is that the government has a stable form of taxation.

The stability proponents point to the these economic times and say the revenue generated from sales tax drops so property tax is a more stable means of extracting money from the people.  Of course it drops and you don’t have to be an economic genius to figure out why….people have far less money to spend because they are paying taxes on property they don’t own.  The sales tax revenue is only going to reflect actual revenue collected on the price of actual items, not on an incorrectly assumed value of the item purchased as we see with the school property tax.

Those same stability proponents also point to the drop in PIT revenue during difficult economic times.  Again, when unemployment increases the PIT is going to drop and while the Property Tax may remain stable it does so because it is so easily raised.  When people lose their jobs and fall behind on their property taxes….no problem just shift the millage rate up a couple of ticks next year and recoup the loses but don’t expect the millage rate to drop with the stabilization of the unemployment numbers because it never does.  It was just another excuse to shift the property taxes to claim a bigger portion of our home.

The ease of raising property taxes, especially through the exemptions of Act 1 is yet another type of tax shift.   When the School District budget increases that budget has to be balanced, even when it means putting astro-turf on their high school sports fields or butterfly rooms in their atriums.  Where will that money come from?  Well, just shift the millage rate up a few clicks again and like magic, balanced budget for the school district even if it unbalances the homeowners budget.  These taxes continue to shift upwards regardless of how many people face losing their homes or allow their home to fall into blighted condition because they have to choose between repairs or staying in the house.  Your budget, your stability…you home: it doesn’t really matter; you are just collateral damage!

The notion that we need to lower education costs is like the elusive pipe dream.  In 40 years of complaining about the ever increasing, ever shifting property tax, the cut spending strategy just doesn’t work and it doesn’t work because its just to damned easy to raise the school property taxes.  Even our more frugal school districts who have managed to hold the line on school property tax increases say there’s nothing more to cut and next year we’ll see taxes increasing.  Some are estimating that as many as 80% of the school districts next year will have to raise their taxes and those statistics are usually wrong because the estimate is lower in some vain attempt of preparing us for more collateral damage.

Instead of a tax shift placed on a specific sector of the population that regressively seizes a higher percentile of income from below median income families that’s based on an assumed estimate of the worth of the item being taxed why don’t we fund education through a system of taxation where the percentage is the same for every person through their PIT and, based on your spending powers, the same level of Sales Tax applied to every purchased….all based on actual value and actual worth not best guess assumptions?

Please don’t try and justify the accuracy of assessment….if they were accurate there wouldn’t be as many SUCCESSFUL appeals in each of these county-wide assessments.  If they were accurate we wouldn’t see so many businesses successfully wining their appeals of the their assumed property worth which results in yet one more reason to once again shift up that millage rate to compensate for the lost revenue!

The tax shift excuse is, in my opinion, just that….an excuse, not a reason.  When that excuse is rolled out it is done so to preserve the status quo and it protects the most egregious and unfair system of taxation in existence.  While rolling out the tax shift excuse it ignores the multiple ways the School Property Tax is, in an of itself, a tax shift;  one that is not uniform, regressive and not based on actual worth of the thing being taxed.

The Resurrecting Beast of Property Tax

kill the beastAs July rolls around each year Pennsylvania turns into one of those old monster movies.  You know the ones….where the monster stalks and claims their prey to go away at the end of the movie only to return the next year to claim more lives in it’s uncontrollable urge to devour and consume.

This Beast of Property Tax is different from other Tax Beasts in that its regular attacks keep attacking the same properties, over and over again relentlessly pursuing, relentlessly devouring.  In its desire to consume it will eventually take more from its victim than the victim is worth, a slice at a time, again and again constantly growing constantly demanding a larger portion until it owns you.

The Beast of Property Tax has its tentacles in every life, rich or poor, strong or weak.  Oddly enough some have learned to live with it while others see what its doing, have seen the victims of this hideous monster destroying their homes, disrupting their families and keeping many in fear of the annual return of the Beast because the next time may be more than they can handle.  The next year they may no longer be able to ward off the creature.

Far too many just don’t seem to understand the power of this beast over their lives, claiming something that should belong to you as its own and growing, multiplying, breeding as it seeks to control that precious thing you call your home.  You’ll never really own your home because the beast really owns it and when its grown faster than your ability to keep it in check it will determine what you eat, if you can afford medications, and even the temperature of your home once it fully controls you.

For many it controls where they live and how they live.  Those who hope to keep the Beast at bay and purchase their homes will fight an annual battle against the beast, each year returning to take a little more of the home, and then a little more and a little more.

Others can’t even afford to face the battle and think they can avoid the beast by renting only to watch the beast coming back each year, attacking again and driving up the cost of their rent.

What ever you do, you don’t want to get sick before the beast comes to claim its portion.  A lengthy period of time where you are unable to work due to an illness or accident could result in the Beast seizing your home from you and driving you and your family out into the street losing all you have invested in your home.

If you have safely made it through life to find retirement, the beast will wait in prey hoping for the death of spouse so that it can ooze its way into your life and force you out of this cherished home filled with memories of loved ones.  The Beast of Property Tax doesn’t care.

For more than 30 years there have been good men and women fighting to stop the beast and along the way those who feed the beast, those who desire to keep it alive as nefariously as Frankenstein yearned to keep his monster alive using that monster to do his bidding and provide him with the things he wanted, have been stumbling blocks.  Using powerful connections and seemingly endless resources, they defend the Beast, they protect it and as they do, more victims fall under the weight of the beast.  Seniors, families, children…it doesn’t matter, they’ve all been victims of the beast.

But now, finally, it appears there is a real path to put an end to this monster.  It appears as though the beast can finally be put to death and still there are those who cry out for its preservation.  They tell us that 10,00 victims a year are not enough for us to be concerned about.  They tell us that because the monster inflicts pain, we know its working.  They tell us they need the beast because of the children as they watch from afar in their Ivory Towers as children are being thrown from their homes and the security of their families put at risk.

You see they know that as long as the Beast exists, as long as there is any chance, just an ounce of life left in it, they can revive it and bring it back to its former strength, perhaps even exceed that strength and claim even more of our lives so they can control us.  Like the mighty Godzilla, leaving blight and pestilence in its path, stomping on our cities, destroying our properties, and yet they want to keep it alive. It’s victims are just collateral damage on their path to their own prosperity regardless of the cost to the security of others, of their homes and their families.

We say it’s time to kill the Beast.  It’s time, as Senator Dave Argall said, to drive a stake through it’s heart and put it to death forever.

The plan…its found in SB76.  It’s not a top secret mission although enemies of SB76 have done everything in their power to keep it a secret.  Nor is it some secret or elusive formula.  It’s a Common Sense solution to the horrors of the Beast, one that stops the beast in its path entirely; destroys it without destroying anything else in its wake.  In fact, it will make the whole area stronger, healthier and more vibrant.

You can go to and read about how it works and why it works.  Then you can join with us to kill the beast and bring economic renewal to Pennsylvania while restoring the security of our homes to all of us.

Let’s call it what it is: Planned Parenthood’s Baby Mills!

As the chairman of a local 9-12 group that deals with something that some refer to as “social issues” we sometimes take heat from other conservative-minded groups for doing so.  We’ve taken positions on abortion and same-sex marriage among other issues often tagged with that monicker: social issues.

The recent revelation of Planned Parenthood functioning as a wholesale baby body parts outlet center demonstrates clearly why we should refuse to see this as a “social issue.”  There are activists working to shut down puppy mills, as they should be, but somehow as a society we don’t seem to want hear about the brutal truth about abortion.  Society as a whole would rather ignore abortion than admit that institutions exist to perform abortions for profit.  Society as a whole would also rather ignore abortion that see its brutal cruelty.

We know the horrors of partial birth abortion; we know that failed abortions where the baby is born alive has resulted in babies being tossed aside and left to perish, and we still call this a social issue.

Today Planned Parenthood announced that they apologize for the tone of their spokesperson in the video but they still refuse to admit that there is anything immoral or unethical about encouraging abortions and the profit from selling the baby parts.

Meanwhile Congress acts to defund the Susan G. Komen Fund for breast cancer research because they contribute to Planned Parenthood while not defunding the organization that is actual the perpetrator of the crime.  It’s highly unlikely that the Susan G. Komen fund was unaware of Planned Parenthood’s practice because the issue was raised before so there’s good reason to defund them but why ignore Planned Parenthood. The House GOP has essentially stopped a bipartisan bill, written by Reps. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) and Pete Sessions (R-TX), intended to create a commemorative coin to fund breast cancer research. Half the funds would go to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and half to the Susan G. Komen Foundation, which gives grants to Planned Parenthood for breast cancer screenings.   (

You’ll note that the link refers to the response to the viral and repulsive video exposing Planned Parenthood as unfounded.  That’s because what Planned Parenthood does in the abortion baby parts farms is essentially legal.  That legality doesn’t make the concern unfounded nor does it make the law ethical, it also demonstrates why this is not merely a social issue.

There is right and wrong.  Murder is wrong.  No human being should have the right to terminate another human life outside of self-defense.  Society shouldn’t have the power to legalize murder except in the cases where an individual has violated the right to life of another human being and a fetus IS A HUMAN BEING.  It may not be at the same level of progress as an adult but then again, children aren’t at the same level of progress and we don’t deny their humanity.

To add to the inhumanity of the legalized murder of babies, the babies body parts are then harvested to be sold as though they was little more than a crop in some field.

We live in a society where even the more heinous crimes of murder are provided with sources of appeal and a legal system that attempts to some degree to provide a form of protection allowing for attempts to prove their innocence.  In the wholesale slaughter of babies, the baby has no such protection.  We may try to find comfort in believing that the baby is not a human being but in the end, it will never be anything but and even if that argument had any validity (which it doesn’t)….we treat animals with more respect.

A 5th Column Administration?

A 5th Column Administration?

Leading into World War II there was much talk about a fifth column, an internal force meant to undermine the United States. It wasn’t just here in the United States. In France the Fifth Column was blamed for aiding Nazi aggression in France.

Wikipedia describes a Fifth column like this: A fifth column is any group of people who undermine a larger group—such as a nation or a besieged city—from within, usually in favor of an enemy group or nation. The activities of a fifth column can be overt or clandestine. Forces gathered in secret can mobilize openly to assist an external attack. This term is also extended to organized actions by military personnel. Clandestine fifth column activities can involve acts of sabotage, disinformation, or espionage executed within defense lines by secret sympathizers with an external force. (

The term was so popular it turned up in novels, films and even animated shorts. It also wasn’t limited to the United States. It was global. Almost as quickly as it had come into existence it also seemed to disappear with the close of World War II  at least until the 2015 attack by French-born Muslims on the offices of Charlie Hebdo in Paris, the leader of the UK Independence Party Nigel Farage said that Europe had “a fifth column living within our own countries.”

The Fifth column was seen as a force that advanced a regime bent on totalitarian controls through sympathetic efforts outside of military force. The recruiting for this type of activity involved primarily seeking out political malcontents hungry to be an insider connected to power. Another recruiting tool was to advance the idea that the fifth column activities were bringing about economic prosperity and peace to the masses by appeasing the superior military power. This tool could be effectively used in undermining the existing government by painting them as the stumbling blocks to peace and prosperity.

To the Fifth column, the radical was to be advanced at all cost to bring about a transformation of the fundamental principles of the existing government.

While the Fifth Column has existed throughout history it has generally functioned to advance empire building by activating the Fifth Column efforts as a totalitarian power sought to expand its borders and infiltrate another country. In that connection it has often been about Empire Building…imperialism….the establishing of a universal system of power or as J.R.R. Tolkien would write “one ring to rule them all!”  That ring, like in Tolkien’s mythical world, gave those who possessed it great power but that power was sustained by a force of absolute control. It is the corrupter of Liberty and the destruction of the Individual all in the name of the collective support of that new world order.

When the phrase was coined there was the fear of an infiltration of fifth column forces into political powers; that this fifth column would actually take over their governments although it was generally exposed and stopped by a people who saw their freedom and liberty as precious commodities.

In America the turning point, at least in my opinion, was when the communists were able to turn the Activities of the House Un-American Activities Committee into a witch hunt using Senator Joe McCarthy as their poster child. It didn’t matter to the public that McCarthy was in the Senate and therefore had nothing to do with the actions of the House Committee. All that mattered was the alleged “cruel treatment” of communists in America even though those communists were setting a course to destroy the foundational principles of America.

It was almost as though they we are witnesses to the turning Abraham Lincoln’s words into prophecy

At what point shall we expect the approach of danger? By what means shall we fortify against it?– Shall we expect some transatlantic military giant, to step the Ocean, and crush us at a blow? Never!–All the armies of Europe, Asia and Africa combined, with all the treasure of the earth (our own excepted) in their military chest; with a Buonaparte for a commander, could not by force, take a drink from the Ohio, or make a track on the Blue Ridge, in a trial of a thousand years.

At what point then is the approach of danger to be expected? I answer, if it ever reach us, it must spring up amongst us. It cannot come from abroad. If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen, we must live through all time, or die by suicide.

Look at America right now. Many Democrats are looking a Bernie Sanders as the viable alternative to Hillary Clinton and would willingly vote to put this man into the highest office in the land in spite of the fact that Bernie Sanders is a self professed socialist. While Sanders life has been connected to Communist efforts in the United States, in November 2006 Sanders turned his eyes on the U.S. Senate. Then-Senator Barack Obama, whom Sanders described as “one of the great leaders” of that legislative body, campaigned enthusiastically on Sanders’s behalf. When a Washington Post reporter asked Sanders just prior to the election: “Are you now or have you ever been a Socialist?” Sanders replied, “Yeah. I wouldn’t deny it. Not for one second. I’m a democratic Socialist.”

In 1990 Sanders ran for a seat in the House and one of his first accomplishments after being elected was the establishment of the Congressional Progressive Caucus. The Progressive agenda has always been the advancement of Socialism in America and mainstream Americans who once would have been angry by such attempts have fallen into a passive sleep, thanks in large part by a massive indoctrination effort that includes the media and public schools along with our government.

The creation of the Administrative State through the voluminous Departments, Agencies and Commissions allows the progressive agenda to be advanced largely unnoticed by most Americans until it is already being implemented and its really too late for them to fight back.   The agenda is then advanced on the local level by bringing in “advisers” who are considered specialists because they’ve been trained to advance the progressive agenda by making certain no conflicting factual evidence is used in their training.

By carefully controlling the rhetoric to make the assault on foundational principles sound welcome (Sustainable Development, Race To The Top, Patriot Act, Affordable Healthcare Act, Patriot Act, etc) since no right reasoning individual could possibly oppose such things, at least not until they actually read the bills.  And you can cite quotes from the bill and they’ll look you straight in the face and tell you it doesn’t mean what it literally says.  Why not, because some specialist told them so.

Part of the goal is to move the world into a centralized socialist rule advancing principles of globalism. We should all understand that there has always been a global market. Even before America was the United States of America we engaged in trading with other parts of the world. The difference between that form of global marketing and the one being advocated for by the globalist progressives is that we used to control our trade, now the global powers control us and we seem all to willing to surrender to that authority over our trade (NAFTA, TPP, etc).  In fact, part of the reason for the American revolution dealt with England’ attempts to control the trade of the individual colonies.  They saw this as a violation of their right to property and their right of association.

Obama warned us all that he was about to transform the fundamentals of America and it’s easy to point the finger of blame firmly on him but he couldn’t have accomplished all that he’s managed to do on his own. We have a congress that has been more than complacent to sell out America to the highest payers in the progressive globalist empire building. While this administration has been espousing the horrors of American Imperialism (empire building) and Colonialism with darned little evidence to back up those claims, he is at the same time promoting a complete Imperial Global empire ruled by a progressive elite who desire to control everything in our lives. If they have to lie to us to advance their agenda, so be it.

We already know that Beghazi was part of a scam to put weapons into the hands of a people who have called for the destruction of America. We know that there are more than 1,200 cities in the United States where Mexican Drug Cartels have established strongholds and there is more than enough reason to believe the DEA has enabled much of this as has Homeland Security in making sure not to enforce immigration laws and keeping our borders as porous as possible. Those actions have allowed the establishment of sleeper cells in the United States of radical Muslim extremists. That should come as no surprise to us though since the Muslim Brotherhood has active high-level appointed positions in the Obama Administration with access to key security information.

The Center for Immigration Studies tells us that more than 200 cities, counties, and states across the United States are considered sanctuaries that protect criminal aliens from deportation by refusing to comply with ICE detainers or otherwise impede open communication and information exchanges between their employees or officers and federal immigration agents. Not that it would matter since Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson admitted that the Obama administration doesn’t want to force state and local governments to comply with federal immigration detention orders. (

Again, if you think this is purely a Democrat or Obama issue then you’ll have to explain why two GOP Senators (John Cornyn (TX) and Lamar Alexander (TN)) are working over-time to put an end to amendments that oppose so-called “sanctuary cities” where federal immigration laws are ignored and violent illegal criminals are routinely released back into the public.

At the same time the war on traditional values in America has been ramped up and we have a Supreme Court that has become complicit in advancing the radical Progressive war on family and faith. That war on faith and family is fueled largely through the Administrative State where the IRS, DEA, Depart of Agriculture, Education, Health and Human Services….you name it; wage daily war on the traditional values of American families and their faith.  The right of association is rapidly fading in America as is the right of Property.  The EPA has advisers in virtually every Department in this Administrative body and all of this is framed to advance Sustainable Development, or Agenda 21…the global control of all property rights.

Again, Obama didn’t do this on his own. It took a long time to build all these Administrative Agencies while working hard at making sure that the progressive belief system has permeated all of them. Obama just took what they built and then further unleashed them to, as Thomas Jefferson complained in our Declaration of Independence “He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harrass our people, and eat out their substance.”

Just this week the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit ruled Tuesday that two nonprofits — the Catholic Little Sisters of the Poor and Reaching Souls International — must comply with the accommodation provided to religious charities, hospitals and schools according to a news story from The Washington Examiner. While businesses must cover all types of birth control in their employee health plans under the Affordable Care Act, some employers with religious objections can get around the requirement by delegating that responsibility to a third party. In other words, these groups who take a stand based on their faith principles must accommodate and appease making them accomplices to something that is defined by their faith as a moral crime. With the courts approval of same-sex marriages, the courts will continue in their persecution of people of faith to firmly imbed the Progressive Agenda as the official religion of the land.

There are Republicans who think conservatism is a nothing more than a campaign slogan, there are democrats who think conservatism is a mental illness and there are third parties more interested in advancing Anarchy then they are with restoring foundational principle to America.

It would appear that Lincoln’s observation about America’s downfall coming from the inside may indeed come to pass and for many people who call themselves Americans while having no clue what that really means beyond the concept of where they were born, America’s downfall will be death by suicide…perhaps more akin to assisted suicide, but suicide just the same.

Cells of 5th columnists in America could be stopped but it’s much more difficult when it is the government itself that is functioning like a 5th Column to undermine America, destroy the economy of the people and waging war on the traditional moral faith based principles that once led this country to being a bright and shining city on a hill.

Exploiting the Budget Crisis.

I’ve just taken my 5th phone call in the last 2 days from Political Action Groups wanting donations to help them support the GOP budget and tell Governor Wolf to Privatize liquor.  I’ve got admit that I am more than frustrated at these games and the attempts to exploit what’s happening in Pennsylvania  to drum up money to fund these groups when not a single one of them is willing to stand up for homeowners and fight for Property Tax Independence.  In each case, when I voiced my frustration in their lack of support for homeowners, the phone line goes dead after they hang up on me.

I’m not opposed to privatization and I support business, especially localized small businesses.  I don’t think government should be running any business, when you look at what they keep doing to the state budget and the taxpayers in this state, they obviously aren’t qualified to run a business.   At the same time  expecting us to keep supporting the business non-profit fronts while they continue to slap homeowners in the face by ignoring the Property tax Issue is becoming more than insulting.

The school property tax has become the enabler of all the other problems because the ease in which they have found in raising taxes through the school property tax.  You can fix the pensions; you can temporarily fix the wasteful spending in schools but it won’t be permanent…..there will always be more ways to find to screw the homeowner as long as this onerous tax remains.  They’ll just find new ways to need more of our money while fooling us all into thinking we have local control over education.

The governor’s budget is going to screw the majority of the taxpayers of this state.  I don’t care how he spins it or how many memes he pushes.  That being said, the GOP budget might not raise our taxes now but its boasting increasing education spending and expanding medicaid.  Are we learning nothing from what’s happening in Greece and Puerto Rico or with several cities in the Country for that matter and with utility authorities as well?  Bailing out bankrupt entities that have no intention or desire to change their own course of action weakens the economy for everyone else.

What I see happening right now is both sides are exploiting this “crisis” to drum up financial support for their campaign funding non-profits.  Democrats will be sending money to their special interests and Republicans sending off their donations and while we’re fighting with each other all of us are being screwed…that is all of us except for those in the Public Sector and that includes the legislators.

While this political game goes back and forth there are families in Pennsylvania that are looking at their own budgets and they are wondering how much longer they can afford to stay in their homes….not just in their homes but how much longer they can afford to live in this Commonwealth.  How much longer are we going to ignore the elephant in the room?

And while I’m ranting….if your legislator is trying to sell you on reduction or telling you that at least its something….Other taxes will increase while the school property tax remains.  With rising pensions and healthcare costs for public sector employees, it won’t take long before your taxes will far exceed what you are paying now.  In that process renters who continue to fool themselves into thinking they don’t pay into the property taxes will continue to see their rents increase because their landlords pay it and they can’t stay in business for long without raising your rent as a result.  If your legislator is trying to sell reduction to you they’re either intentionally deceiving you in their attempts to secure their next election bid or they haven’t thought the whole thing out.  In an issue as important as this, both reasons calls into question their worthiness of the office.

One final point….My wife and I are on a do not call list.  That apparently doesn’t matter to those “organizations” who have called us in the last 2 days.  How am I supposed to feel about your ignoring the do not call list regarding to the actual integrity of the organization you represent?

These 5 are not the only ones calling about this issue and there are groups that I do support and have provided them with my contact information so if you are one of those groups I’m not complaining about you….just those organizations who are calling me because I’m a registered voter and your data mining is more more important to you than my privacy….but then again, you are opposing my rights to property so maybe that explains your disregard for my privacy as well.